The NFT market appears to be the future of the crypto industry since it has attracted many users in a short amount of time. Because of its popularity, creators worldwide began to make a lot of money from it. As a result of the youth's interest in cryptos, many new entrepreneurs have started to invest in crypto and blockchain platforms.

The open-source Solana blockchain underpins the Solsea marketplace development. Because of its benefits and features, the market for Solana has grown steadily since its inception. The majority of crypto users have invested in Solana and its initiatives, therefore now are your chance to build your own NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, similar to Solsea. Developcoins can help you develop your NFT marketplace idea and connect you with our expertise.

How does the Solsea clone script work?

  • Create a Solana-compatible wallet in phantom or Sollet.
  • Mint your NFTs and integrate the licenses
  • Creating a profile and connecting your wallet.
  • In exchange for Solana, sell your painting as NFT.