This MBA program is specifically designed to accommodate experienced professional executives who want a versatile program that fits in with their busy lives. We achieve this by enabling you to mix a big selection of online and face-to-face modes, relying on your term-by-term research preference and need for flexibility in an accelerating Indian world and combining experiential studying, deep reflection, leading business to follow, and analysis to give you each practical industrial acumen and progressive thinking- executive mba in iim.

 We will also equip you with a brand new perspective by changing the means by which you assume and method management to make an immediate influence in your career. The delivery will give with class sessions taking place supported by online learning and facilitation for the rest of the cycle.

You will also be assigned a personal management instructor who will work with you to focus your efforts on achieving your life and professional targets. Here you can select Executive MBA as a result it was flexible enough to fit into her busy and demanding schedule- iim executive mba.

 The MBA program helped them to get snug with their leadership style, to be structured in their strategic thinking, and the way to make order out of chaos. We have MBA executives, your MAB activities, and occasions that you could be involved in to take advantage of your college experience. For more information, please visit our website