Blackturn is India's fastest-growing Music Distribution Company. Blackturn is an all-inclusive electronic music distribution company founded many years ago and operated worldwide.

The Blackturn has more than 150 stores worldwide, allowing us to serve an array of potential customers to listen to your songs.

We deliver your songs across multiple formats- Singles, EPS, Albums, and Pre-order. We strive to offer the top stores to our artists with various partners, including all major companies in the music industry, including download, and video streaming.

Our partners on our digital platforms, including Wynk Music, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Gaana, Spotify, Mp3 Bajao, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Russo, and Boomplay, as well as others, assist our artists in being more accessible to a wider public.

Suppose you'd like your music to be distributed and your music catalog efficiently managed. In that case, you should explore the blackturn's constantly evolving opportunities for music businesses with our cutting-edge technology.

Why Digital Music Distribution?

Digital music distribution is the bridge between the finished record and the fans. Music distribution is a crucial element of music promotion. An essential aspect of broadcasting your music it's the necessity to reach out to all potential listeners.

Effective distribution increases visibility and allows you to reach as many ears as possible. With a partnership, you can electronically distribute your music across all major platforms and be compensated for it.

Give your music to the right Audience

The voice of music is your soul. For some, it's an escape; for others, it's the light source. Suppose you're a passionate artist who believes that music can answer every question, and you'd like to turn your passion into a rewarding profession. In that case, we're here to cover your music and get it distributed.

Find the top music distribution platform using the blackturn and provide your music with the attention it needs.

The blackturn music distribution company gives your music a following who will share their opinions with you. The feedback you get in the initial stages is a crucial indicator of your audience.

Shares and likes are crucial in determining who will become your fans as you produce more music. This is the information you can utilize when looking for the perfect publisher.

Additionally, the interaction of your followers can be utilized to help you get your foot on the publisher's door. We are the best Music Distribution Company India.

With the Blackturn Music Distribution, you can turn Your Passion into a Career

Due to the lack of recognition and financial support, many artists cannot publish their talents, and consequently, they are forced to continue with other career options. The Blackturn music distribution company showcases the artist's true talents and gives them a stage.

Flexible timelines and a cool workplace culture allow you to control your work and your future. There is no obligation to release an exact number of songs and no set obligations, and artists have the freedom to make the right choice for their needs.

Find the Right Opportunities For Your Music

The Blackturn music distribution company is responsible for all aspects of managing, registering, and licensing the compositions, as well as publishing royalty payments.

Through an administration contract, the copyright on compositions remains in the hands of the original creators who composed the music.

Blackturn has an expert team available to cover every major global market. We help songwriters find the most lucrative opportunities across the globe.