Are you currently unable to receive emails on the yahoo mail account? Well, this is the most common problem that appears on your account because of the incorrect usenrame or password errors. If you don't know how to fix it? here are the guide to fix it on your device. 

How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails? 

  • When yahoo mail does not receive the emails, you should check the junk folders. do you receive the new emails. 
  • Let's make sure that the yahoo servers are working fine. in case, if servers are down. you will go through yahoo mail not receiving emails
  • Sometimes, yahoo mail is not getting emails because of the application or server issues. so you need to remove the current account. now re-add the mail account on your device. it will start wroking fine. 
  • Let's check the incoming and outgoing server address. so you need to chek the incoming and outgoing server address along with the port number. 
  • Please check the filters and forwarding address. if these settings are active. you need to delete the yahoo mail account. it will start working fine. 

So these are the steps to fix the yahoo mail problems. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit askprob blogs. there you will find the complete guide for your yahoo mail account.