For many years, Stop Digging has serviced every type of client. The installation of ground screw foundations is this team’s speciality and passion. The aim of this company is simple – to provide reliable, professional, top-notch quality services to clients with different needs.

Thanks to ground screws, your construction project will be handled very easily than you could ever imagine. There is no need to spend much time and carry heavy concrete support posts or mix concrete for digging and then restoring the surrounding ground. Ground screws can be installed all year round, while if you opt for concrete, then you have to wait for it to harden. That is why ground screws are considered to be an easy way to go with. Ground screws work in most soils and frost and these screws are installed really quickly. Thus, you can use these foundations right away.

Stop Digging has smart solutions for every type of project. If you have a unique project, rest assured this company has the ground screws for it!

Modular Buildings

Nowadays, modular buildings have become quite popular. Stop Digging specializes in Modular Building NZ, so if you have a project in your mind let this company help you. Modular building projects are more affordable to complete than traditional structures. Modular buildings offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Faster move-in
  • Less waste
  • Less construction costs 
  • Increased durability 
  • Amazing  Design Flexibility

No matter what weather it is, the professional engineers from Stop Digging offer installations all year round. As they have much experience, they can install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas. Stop Digging’s team ensures to complete your project in the fastest possible manner and without any delay. They also ensure to install without mess or damage to the environment. 

Just contact Stop Digging for Modular Building NZ and rest assured these structures are inspected at every step of the construction process. Rely on this team and enjoy quality and safety.

Transportable Buildings

Stop Digging offers an opportunity to build Transportable Building NZ at affordable prices. If you have decided to own a transportable build, then rely on ground screws as they can do the job properly. The best part is that these ground screws provide less damage and mess to the surrounding area during the foundation stage. 

Let’s see why transportable homes are widely used:

  • You spend less on upkeep.
  • Transportable homes are low-maintenance.
  • They have more insulation to ensure comfortable internal temperatures.
  • They keep the internal temperature comfortable.

This ground screw installation is completed in a few hours causing no stress or any kind of discomfort. So look no further and let this team build Transportable Building NZ for you. Hurry up to discuss your project with Stop Digging team as soon as possible.

Stop Digging is a reliable company that will provide stable ground anchorage which saves both time and money. So everything is going to be really easy if you choose ground screws. Stop Digging also offers fixed prices based on a quote. However, note that these prices can vary based on which ground screw you need to use and where in the country you are. For more details, just call Stop Digging today!