We all know that the Gmail servers are always active. So technically, you can open the Gmail account anytime. However, in some critical cases, Gmail users are unable to open the mailbox on the google chrome. 

How do I fix Gmail not loading in google chrome? 

Check the server status - 

When gmail account is not working on the google chrome. you should begin with checking the Gmail service status. 

If you servers are down. you need to remove the current account. 

Use the incognito window- 

Let's open the private window on the google chrome, now try to access the Gmail website on the private window. 

Optimize the browser- 

When Gmail is not working on the google chrome. you should clear the browsing data like- cache, cookies, history. after that you should try to access the mail account on your phone. 

Update the plugins - 

Sometimes, Gmail is unable to access the gmail account because of the plugin issues. so you need to update all plugins. after that, you should try to update the browser again. 

Reset the browser - 

If you have tried everything but your Gmail account is still not working. you need to reset the browser. after that, you need to re-add the mail account on your phone. it will start working fine. 


So these are the steps to fix the Gmail account. in case, if you need to visit: Gmail is not opening on the google chrome. There you will find the complete guide.