Decorative fabrics are materials used to decorate the surface of furniture. Common decorative fabrics include wall fabrics, bedding fabrics and furniture fabrics. Common decorative fabrics in the home include sofas, curtains, and beddings. Next, Decorative Fabrics Manufacturer introduces the classification and matching knowledge of decorative fabrics

1. Classification of decorative fabrics

①Curtains: made of various materials and fabrics, the common ones are made of chemical fiber and other raw materials, which are relatively thick and have good shading effect.

② Sofa release: The sofa release is set on the outer layer of the sofa, which can block the ingress of dust and can also play a decorative role.

③Bedding: This kind of decorative fabric mainly includes bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and so on.

2. Matching knowledge of decorative fabrics

① When matching decorative fabrics, the principle that needs to be followed is the uniformity of colors. Generally, it is better to match with mild neutral colors when matching, which can keep the interior space clear and achieve a coordinated effect.

②When matching decorative fabrics, pay attention to matching the main color with the whole. The overall matching effect is determined according to the size of the space. Larger spaces are suitable for large-color fabrics, and general small spaces are suitable. It is fine lines and dark flowers.

③The colors can be matched according to the actual situation of the user. Generally speaking, warm-toned decorative fabrics are suitable for the elderly or older ones, and cool-toned decorative fabrics are suitable for the living space of young people. Children's rooms The suit is bright colors.

With the development of the times and people’s needs, Furniture Fabric Supplier will produce more beautiful and practical interior decoration fabrics.