Whether you're looking for a romantic sunset or a wild adventure, a desert safari is an exhilarating experience guaranteed to provide endless memories. And with the help of expert trainers, you will have an experience that will never disappoint you.

Desert safari tour

Whether you're looking for a family outing or a romantic date, a desert safari is a must on your trip to Dune Buggy Dubai Price. A private desert safari allows you to experience the tranquility of the desert and the control of your own vehicle. You can enjoy the whole experience at your own pace, with plenty of time to laugh and enjoy the scenery.

Whether you are a bird lover or a desert lover, a desert safari is the best way to experience the sand and the stars in the sky. Watch and learn about the traditional sport of falconry. Originally used for hunting, falcons are now trained for cultural and sporting purposes. You will have the chance to meet the falcon and take a selfie with it. But stay away from your feathers and be careful when approaching these wild animals.