Although vane pumps can handle medium-viscosity liquids, they excel at low-viscosity liquids such as liquefied petroleum gas (propane), ammonia, solvents, alcohol, fuel oil, gasoline, and refrigerants. Vane pumps have no internal metal-to-metal contact and can self-compensate for wear, allowing them to maintain optimal performance on these non-lubricating liquids. Although efficiency drops quickly, they can use up to 500 cPs / 2,300 SSU.

Vane Pumps    come in a variety of vane configurations, including sliding vanes (left), flexible vanes, rotary vanes, rolling vanes, and outer vanes. Vane pumps are known for their dry oil injection, ease of maintenance and good suction characteristics throughout the life of the pump. The differential pressure can reach 15 BAR / 200 PSI (higher hydraulic vane pump).

Each type of vane pump has unique advantages. For example, external vane pumps can handle large amounts of solids. Flexible vane pumps, on the other hand, can only handle a small amount of solids but produce a good vacuum. The vane pump can dry and process a small amount of steam in a short time.

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