Native to Africa, the African Grey Parrot is a extremely intelligent species of parrot. Known for its charm and mimicry skills, the African Grey draws consideration not with its colorful wings or wonderful singing voice, but with its huge vocabulary range. Within a loving, caring, and patient environment, this parrot will flourish, generating an entertaining and rewarding pet companion. Get extra information about graupapagei kaufen


The African Grey Parrot comes in primarily 2 subspecies. The key distinction amongst the Congo and Timneh subspecies is their size and colour. Ordinarily each the Congo and Timneh African Grey are regarded as to become medium in size. The Timneh Gray Parrot is recognized to be smaller sized in size, but fuller in feather thickness. Their body feather color ranges from medium to an virtually dark charcoal gray, and their tail feathers are often dark maroon red. The Congo Grey Parrot is normally bigger in length and heavier in weight, but with thinner feathers. Lighter gray feathers along with a bright red tail, additional differentiate the Congo from the Timneh. Plus the final principal distinction in between the two subspecies may be the color of their beak, also known as the mandible. The best with the Timneh Gray Parrot's mandible is really a bone or cream colour, although the Congo Gray's mandible is pretty much all black.


It is good to note, there has been some debate in regards to a third subspecies of African Gray Parrot referred to as the Princeps. The Princeps Gray, named so mainly because of it's commonly only located around the Principe Island within the Gulf of Guinea, is in all approaches identical to the Congo Gray Parrot except for it becoming slightly darker in color. A lot of believe this can be, the truth is, a third subspecies, although other people disagree believing the Princep Gray Parrot to be the same as the Congo Gray subspecies. Some may perhaps also refer towards the African Gray Parrot as Silver Grays or Cameroon Greys.


The selection of picking out an African Gray Parrot subspecies for a companion comes mainly down to personal preference. Both subspecies make gentle, loving, lifelong (living between 60-80 years) pets. Appropriate care, patience, and love are crucial towards the nicely getting from the African Gray. For the reason that of their high intelligence, the African Grays can come to be simply stressed and excitable. The African Gray Parrot might commence to behave poorly by chewing, biting, or plucking its feathers, if not properly cared for.


Appropriate research and understanding the full commitments required in owning an African Gray Parrot is important. Some say that training of and caring for an African Gray is related to raising a tiny child. They are able to be difficult, demanding, and frustrating to care for at instances, however the rewards, entertainment, and love that you will get back from an African Gray Parrot will effectively outweigh the cons. Devotion, patience, and love for an African Gray will enhance the lives of its owners to get a lifetime!