Folital heat styling is one of the major causes of damaged hair and split ends. Give your hair a break and give that blowdryer a rest. Every so often opt for natural hairstyles. After washing hair, apply a leave in conditioner or Hair Serum and tie hair in a low bun. Let air dry. Once hair is dry, Folital bun for instant natural waves. Braids and sleek ponytails are also great hairstyles that won't dry or damage hair.

Folital Care treatments. Spas not only have great skin care and skin care treatments, but also great hair care treatments. Spas usually get the latest Hair Care products and treatments first (from soothing natural botanical products, treatments, washes and cleansers to the latest in hydrating conditioners). What could be better than getting a massage, Folital care and a great haircut and style at the same time? Many of these spas have money saving packages if you do more than one treatment.

And lastly if you wash Folital daily you might be doing your hair more harm than good. Try and reduce your hair washing to maximum every other day. And attempt to wash your hair with lukewarm water as hot water can dry the scalp and hair. When you blow-dry, use a heat protection spray, or simply use a low power hair dryer. This will support shine and moisture making your hair look like waves so lustrous they move like the ocean.