Being a leading clinic in Kamloops, Tranquille Road Animal Hospital is proud to provide the finest quality pet health services. This is a full-service clinic with a dedicated expert, knowledgeable, and professional staff. With years of expertise in veterinarian services, they will ensure your pet's safety and comfort. Tranquille Road Animal Hospital offers an array of services, no matter how complicated the circumstance. The goal of the hospital is to provide the finest treatment available and to enhance the bond between pet owners and their pets. Not only is the equipment current, but the entire team of vets stays up to date with the latest developments in this facility. The quality of medical and surgical care that the vets offer to pets is unparalleled. So, don't look any further, and trust this team to provide top high-quality service.

One of the many services provided at Tranquille Road Animal Hospital is Dog Daycare Kamloops. Dog daycare has been very popular with pet owners. Many pet owners are enrolling their pets into doggy daycare as this has a myriad of advantages. If you choose this option, you'll be your pet's best friend and you're certain to reap the benefits. When you're working full all day your dog is missing you and is unfulfilled, bored and depressed. They can wait for hours outside the window to wait for your arrival. If you choose to join the Dog Daycare at Kamloops your dog will get the opportunity to interact with numerous other dogs who are friendly and interact with daycare staff. The experts are trained and know the best methods to entertain pets and prevent them from becoming bored. Simply bring your dog to this daycare for dogs and rest sure that it is in safe hands until you're ready to collect them. While at doggie daycare, your pet is supervised and will be active throughout the day. Your dog will play alongside other pets; engage in with toys before taking an outing with the knowledgeable staff. It can affect your dog's physical and emotional wellbeing. Trust this place to keep your dog healthy, happy, and well-behaved.

Tranquille Road Animal Hospital has gained a name for offering not just top treatment but additionally Soft tissue injury for dogs treatment. It is a service that most dogs will require at some moment in their lives because of their playful nature. Dogs enjoy playing, running or doing other activities that can harm their bodies. In general the event of a problem with soft tissues, it isn't a major problem in comparison to torn ligaments as well as arthritis or broken bones, but it is an injury that is minor, but requires care so that the dog will be relaxed. Trauma or soft tissue is a condition in which the soft tissues connecting muscles to bones or ligaments that join one bone the other get enlarged and then become painful. When a dog is injured, trauma to the soft tissues, the signs such as vocalization, limping particularly during the time of injury and swelling at the trauma area, and panting are evident. When you need the best quality dog soft tissue injury treatment as well as anti-inflammatory medicines to accelerate the healing process be sure to choose Tranquille Road Animal Hospital.