Apache Spark is a flexible, fast, and developer-friendly prominent platform for large-scale SQL, batch processing, machine learning, and stream processing. It is a data processing framework that can instantly execute tasks related to processing over multiple computers, either with distributed computed tools or with its tandem. Apache sparks have turned out to be one of the biggest data distributer processing frameworks, it can be used in a myriad of ways it can provide R programming languages, in streaming data, graph processing, supporting SQL, and so on. 

The process is used by most the Telecommunications Company, banks, gaming companies, government, and of course by leading tech giants. Now knowing the popularity of the process it is natural that demand for spark professionals is huge, and its salary packages are also very tempting, if you want to grow in data career then you must pursue Apache spark training in bangalore. The training will help you polish your skills and expertise in Spark and Big Data Hadoop ecosystem. As a Spark developer, you will have a competitive advantage and you will be able to attain highly demanded skills if you join this Apache Spark Developer course. The crucial information about the course is as following- 

About the Course-  

Apache Spark and Scala developer Training programs are structured to inculcate needed skills and competencies in the professionals and give a good boost to their career, by providing complete hands-on training. NPN Training is one of the best because-

  • All the courses and coaching classes are conducted following the standards of the industry, which helps the trainees to be updated with the current trends and so they can solve real-time problems with ease. 

  • The training staff is well-rehearsed in their work and are certified, professionals. The staff delivers the best training and knowledge. 

  • NPN’s entire curriculum is designed to keep up and match the real-world requirements, and according to industrial standards 

  • In the training, you will get a blended mix of both theoretical and practical knowledge, it increases the book knowledge as well as practical on-the-job knowledge of the trainee. 

  • Have a multi-evaluation procedure that ensures that the trainee gets thorough with the practicality of the subject. 



  • Apache Spark- In- Memory cluster computing framework 

  • Hadoop 2.x- distributed storage + Batch Processing

  • Scala programming – object-oriented + functional Programming.

  • Data Engineering on Microsoft azure

  • Kafka – distributed messaging system 

Fee structure- 

Duration: 3 months 

Fee: 15000 INR 

Apache sparks online training, NPN Training, is a perfect training program to impart knowledge to you.