There are many details to pay attention to in the use of scented candles: if you are not careful about maintaining the candle, it may cause the wick to be sideways, burning the glass instead of the wax; poor odor discrimination is more likely to ruin yours Dinner parties; the burn time is too short, the uneven heating of the candle can create a dimple in the center - these are things you definitely don't want to encounter.

From the importance of a good lid to how to choose the best scent for every room in your home, here we share simple guidelines for using scented candles.

  1. Repair first and then click

Wick length is a delicate variable, too long or too short can quickly drain the life of your candle. Especially for large candles, they have a larger pool surface and a wider range of wick deflection. At this time, trimming the appropriate wick will ensure that the candle burns more straight down.

Every time you use a scented candle, you should trim the wick before lighting it. The most common statement is that the wick should be trimmed to around 6mm, but in my experience, a length of around 8mm is more appropriate. A wick that is too short will be overwhelmed by the melted tears, causing the candle to go out.

  1. Consider the environment when choosing

When you're new to a beautiful candle, it's often hard to resist the urge to light it right away. But occasionally a little restraint is required. Scented candles, for example, shouldn't be lit at the dinner table—unless you're going to soak up the smell for the entire meal, it's not appropriate to do so at mealtime. Candlelight dinners are great, but you must only use unscented candlesticks or tealights.

  1. Gently extinguish the candle

Wax splashes and candle wicks are not uncommon as the result of blowing candles with great force. Candle scissors can "cut out" these problems neatly, but it is more recommended to gently blow out the wick, then immediately cover the extinguished candle with a lid.

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