"Will give birth to a gentleman?" Hearing Li Zhengyu mention Okada, Xia Fan recalled a little and said with a slight smile, "At first, I thought it was not easy to get close to him when I saw him cool." Speaking of this, Xia Fan seemed a little embarrassed. "Later, I learned that this was not the case at all.". Jiang Shengjun is actually a somewhat introverted person. [Volume III STAR Chapter 113 Best Man and Maid of Honor] "So your shooting should go well?" With a flat smile on his face, Li Zhengyu asked Xia Fan with interest. ".." With a slight nod, Xia Fan said with some embarrassment, "It was not very smooth when shooting the kissing scene..." "Kissing scenes?" Hearing Xia Fan's words, Li Zhengyu's heart beat a little faster. Still keeping a flat smile on his face, Li Zhengyu's tone was quite curious, "How could it not go smoothly?" "Jiang Shengjun is too nervous.." After a slight hesitation, Xia Fan answered, "Director Yamashita asked him to look at me for ten seconds, but he just held on for three seconds.". As for the scene of kissing in the back, Jiang Shengjun was even more nervous. Said here, seems to be reminded of the scene at that time, Xia Fan can not help laughing softly. With a slight nod, Li Zhengyu's face also showed a smile of cooperation. However, at this time, Li Zhengyu's heart is inexplicably hostile to the Okada general in Xia Fan's mouth: although even Li Zhengyu himself does not understand the reason for this. So you must have kissed a lot? Keeping a calm expression on his face as much as possible, Li Zhengyu opened his mouth and asked tentatively: "Li Zhengyu is not very clear about why he asked this question. It's a completely subconscious behavior." Hmm? Hearing Li Zhengyu's question, Xia Fan was slightly stupefied. The expression on his face was somewhat hesitant, and Xia Fan did not say anything? He just nodded slowly. Because of shooting movies and TV series, Xia Fan is no stranger to kissing scenes, and even very familiar with them. And because of the identity of the artist, Xia Fan does not reject the kiss scene. However, facing Li Zhengyu at this time, Xia Fan found that he could not talk about kissing scenes as calmly as before. Heart suddenly feel a little guilty, Xia Fan slightly lowered his head, eyes dare not and Li Zhengyu look at each other. Looking at Xia Fan's nod, Li Zhengyu's hostility to the Okada general deepened a lot. If there is a chance, we must make Okada look good.. The heart suddenly came up with an idea, Li Zhengyu also determined to have the opportunity to implement. The atmosphere became a little awkward for a while, and Li Zhengyu and Xia Fan did not know how to open their mouths and continue chatting? "Zheng Yujun.." Just then, Okumura Hatsune came over with Lee Ji-eun. Seeing Xia Fan beside Li Zhengyu, Okumura Hatsune was slightly stupefied. Looking at Xia Fan's eyes a little hesitant, Okumura Hatsune took the initiative to open his mouth softly and said, "Hello, I am Okumura Hatsune.". Meet for the first time, heavy duty racking system , please take care of.. The tone was very gentle, and Okumura Hatsune was very polite. Hello, I'm Xia Fan.. Nodding his head slowly, Xia Fan responded to Okumura Hatsune. Listening to Xia Fan's brief introduction, Okumura Hatsune nodded slightly. For Xia Fan, Okumura Hatsune naturally knows him. With the popularity of the TV series Rampage Youth, Xia Fan, like Li Zhengyu, has become a super popular idol in Japan nowadays. Although it can't be compared with Li Zhengyu's popularity, Xia Fan's popularity and popularity are also extraordinary. Because Xia Fan and Li Zhengyu worked together in the TV series "Rampage Youth", Okumura Hatsune was not surprised that Xia Fan and Li Zhengyu got along. But the side of Li Zhien's reaction is a little big, big open eyes, Li Zhien curiously looked at the side of Li Zhengyu Xia Fan. Hello Seeing Lee Ji-eun beside Okumura Hatsune, Xia Fan said politely. Although Li Zhien is younger than Xia Fan, and his seniority is naturally low, Xia Fan still gives respect. Generally speaking, as a senior, Xia Fan can be more casual. "Hello.." After hesitating for a moment, Li Zhien also responded politely to Xia Fan. For Xia Fan, Li Zhien naturally knows. Li Zhien also has a good impression on Xia Fan because he likes the TV series "Rampage Youth". But just saw Xia Fan and Li Zhengyu get along with the talk and laugh, Li Zhien to Xia Fan faintly produced a trace of hostility. And this reason, of course, is because of the side of the first sound of Okumura. Looked at the eyes of Li Zhien, felt Li Zhien's hostility to his Xia Fan some curiosity, but more is puzzled. However, Xia Fan's face still kept a flat smile. In Xia Fan's opinion, Li Zhien is just a child. This faint trace of hostility, probably his first impression of Lee Ji-eun is not good, right? As time goes by, the wedding is about to begin. The people who attended the wedding entered the church one after another and found their place. Because the identity is the best man, Li Zhengyu naturally can not stay at will. At the end of the communication with Xia Fan and Okumura Hatsune, Li Zhengyu found Hasegawa Jiro and joined the best man team. As the best man of Kobayashi, Li Zhengyu is undoubtedly not qualified. However, considering Li Zhengyu's status as an artist, Kobayashi Ze Ming and Hasegawa Jiro did not care too much. Therefore, Li Zhengyu's best man status is largely just to make up the number of people. Of course, Li Zhengyu, who doesn't know much about Western-style weddings, is also very self-aware. Face has maintained a flat expression, Li Zhengyu has been following Hasegawa Jiro. Since you don't know much about etiquette, just follow Jiro Hasegawa, who knows etiquette? With the appearance of Xiao Lin Ze Ming, the host of the wedding, everyone's attention was immediately attracted to the past. Nodding his head slightly from time to time, Xiao Lin Zeming greeted all the people present. It didn't take long for everyone to wait, and the other host of the wedding also appeared in the church. omracking.com