"Really.." Little doctor fairy lips with a noncommittal radian, slender jade hand gently probe out, rich gray and purple fighting spirit like a poisonous snake climbing out along the sleeve, and finally wrapped around the palm of the hand, slightly wriggling, directly into two gray and purple two-color giant snakes, giant snake snake letter light spit, in the hissing sound, a fishy smell is also drifting out. Sniff! As soon as the grey-purple serpent, which was condensed by the fighting spirit, emerged, it was under the manipulation of the little doctor fairy that it was very spiritual to sniff at the old devil ghost for a while, and then with a flick of its tail, it directly turned into two blurred grey lines and swept away at the old devil ghost like lightning. Looking at the grey-purple serpent that came like lightning, the old devil also gave a cold hum, and with a flick of his fingers, the black cold surged rapidly in front of him, and immediately turned into a few sharp ice picks, bringing up the sound of whistling, and shooting hard at the two grey lines. Poof! The two gray shadows, which flashed like lightning, suddenly burst out, and immediately two streams of gray and purple poisonous fog sprayed out from the ferocious mouth, while the sharp ice pick was quickly corroded into a piece of nothingness. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the speed suddenly accelerated,Warehouse storage racks, and in an instant it appeared in front of the old devil. The huge mouth opened, and two streams of red blood burst out! Looking coldly at the attack of the two grey-purple serpents, the old devil's sleeve robe waved, the cold air surged in front of him, and finally it turned directly into a piece of ice as smooth as a mirror, resisting all the blood. Sniff! Blood awn touched the ice mirror, immediately out of the strong white gas, thick ice mirror is also visible to the naked eye speed of rapid corrosion, but in the corrosion of the ice mirror at the same time,Cantilever Storage rack, blood awn is also rapidly shrinking, and in that ice mirror is about to completely penetrate, blood awn is finally completely disappeared.. Looking at the result of the final failure, the sneer on the face of the old devil ghost was even worse. The ice mirror in front of him melted slowly, and immediately turned into a black cold. It retracted into his body one after another. Then he grasped it with his paws, and the two groups of dark cold directly congealed into two huge ghost hands. He grabbed out the two grey-purple giant snakes, twisted them mercilessly, and pinched the latter to burst open.. Seeing that the two giant snakes were shattered, the little doctor's face not only did not change, but a strange smile passed through his eyes. His slender jade hands were quickly stamped, and his voice was feminine: "My blood is not a good thing. Next time, if the cold is stained by my blood, don't be stingy to take it back into your body.." Hearing the little doctor's words, the old ghost's face changed slightly, and the corners of his mouth trembled. The overwhelming cold burst out of his body. Although the cold at the moment was vigorous, it had a slight disorder.. Looks like the blood he sucked into his system The attack has begun. Unexpectedly, even your blood is poisonous, and the toxicity is so strong, Pallet rack beams ,Narrow aisle rack, but for me, it has no effect! The sullen voice slowly came from the mouth of the old devil. At the moment, the surface of his body was covered with black ice crystals. Among these ice crystals, some red colors could be seen faintly. It seemed that he was forcing the poisonous blood out of his body with his overbearing fighting spirit. Seeing that the old devil was able to force the poisonous blood out gradually, the little doctor did not feel surprised, because she also knew that although the poisonous blood into the body was fatal to ordinary strong people, it was not a trouble for people of their rank to force it out of the body, but it would be a little distracted, and this was really what she needed to give Xiao Yan enough time. With her strength, but some difficulties, but if there is the interference of poisonous blood, it is much easier.. Critical moment, time is not to be wasted, the little doctor's slender hand, gray and purple fighting spirit from the body quickly gush out, and then the body moves, is appeared in front of the devil old ghost, waving his hand is sharp and upward.. In the face of the offensive suddenly fierce up the little doctor fairy, the devil old ghost can no longer be as calm as ever, forced out of the body of poisonous blood need to disperse strength, so he can not rely on overwhelming strength at this moment, the little doctor fairy will be defeated, so, for a time, unexpectedly can only be small doctor fairy dead entangled and live.. When he was entangled by the little doctor, the old devil also occasionally glanced at the place where Xiao Yan was. When he saw the two invisible flames floating in front of the latter, the ghost fire in his eyes jumped slightly. He had already learned from Han Feng that Xiao Yan controlled a kind of fire fighting skill, which was his life-saving skill. The power was terrible, but at the moment he felt it in person. Demon old ghost is a little relieved, the two flames do contain a very strong violent energy, but with this, simply can not pose much threat to him, after all, the strength of the Seven Stars Dou Zong, is not a joke.. Not far from the battle circle between the little doctor and the old devil, Xiao Yan stood in the air, his bone wings vibrating gently behind him, and every flapping would bring up a low thunder sound. At the moment, Xiao Yan, with two blue and invisible flames suspended in his palm, the high temperature permeated from the flames increased the temperature of the air by more than ten times. He stared at the two flames and immediately stared at the old devil who was being entangled by the little doctor. He knew that with the fusion of two different fires, the Buddha's anger and fire lotus. For a strong man like the devil and the old ghost, it doesn't really have much threat.. Gently exhaled, Xiao Yan between the eyebrows that white fire suddenly burst out a faint temperature, a white flame, slowly floating out, and finally stay in front of it, this time, can only use the teacher's bone spirit cold fire.. With the appearance of the bone spirit cold fire, the energy between heaven and earth suddenly became somewhat disordered. The blazing heat poured down from the sky, making countless people sweat profusely. Even with the possession of fighting spirit, it was of no help. The temperature of the abnormal fire could not be covered up by ordinary fighting spirit. Face dignified looking at the three groups of fire in front of him, Xiao Yan did not hesitate at all, his mind moved, his palms danced out of the shadow,radio shuttle racking, and the three groups of fire, is under its control, directly collided together.. omracking.com