He was startled, and saw Song Wei of the Konghua faction chasing after him, calling Duanqing to stay while running, but the white-haired Taoist was like avoiding the great scourges, and never looked back. I didn't know what had happened, so I followed them until I was in a small forest. They were surrounded by a group of killers. After a pause, Xie Li's eyes showed a complicated look. "The middle-aged man in the lead, holding a broad epee, called himself'Wei Changyun '." Apart from Ah Ru, the other five people's faces changed, and Xue Chanyi even stood up: "He didn't die, but he went to ask Zen Mountain?!" "Miss Xue, don't get excited. Let the young Villa Leader finish his words." Lu Mingyuan opened his mouth slowly and winked at Qin Lanchang at the same time. The young lady immediately went out of the door. As the door closed, Xie Li opened his mouth again: "He has more than ten killers with him. Strangely, four of them are women, and they all look the same." Well, the crimson dress is tied up in a high bun, one side facing the Taoist killer, the other side. He said here some tangled, after all, 10-year-old children have not seen the romance, do not know how to describe those transfiguration of the female killer Duanqing clever scenes. The four female killers, whose size, posture and dress are the same as those of Gu Yifang, eventually turned into four dead bodies with their throats sealed. When Duanqing pressed Wei Changyun's epee,pipe cantilever rack, Xie Li, who was hiding in the bushes, heard the man's laughter: "Taoist, you are angry." He vaguely remembered that when he was in Jialan City, Xuansu and Ye Fusheng had talked about Duanqing's skills, saying that he had entered the realm of "forgetting love". Xie Li is young and does not know what realm, but also knows that the so-called "broken love" should be seven emotions and six desires are gone, living like a wooden man. How can a wooden man be angry? He covered his mouth with his hands, afraid that he would say a word,Steel racking system, and watched the bloody battle in the woodland. Eight killers joined Wei Changyun to besiege Duanqing, and the remaining four all pounced on Song Wei, apparently refusing to let go of the extra lives. Song Wei is the first disciple of the Konghua Sect. His martial arts are not low and he has a lot of experience in Jianghu. However, his two fists are hard to defeat his four hands. After several rounds, he was in danger. Xie Li was so anxious in the bushes that he scratched his heart like a hundred claws. He wanted to rush up and knew it was a burden. He wanted to go back to report, but he was afraid of disturbing these people. He didn't know what to do. Wei Changyun and the eight killers worked together to deal with Duanqing. The white-haired Taoist priest, whose eyes had turned scarlet, was not defeated at all. He attacked more and more fiercely, which made Xie Li jumpy. At the moment when the stalemate was about to be broken, there was a fire from the direction of Tallinn. The night sky was red with fire, and in their eyes it was like blood pouring down the world. Song Wei distracted, was immediately a knife cut in the back, if not Duanqing also left a line of Pure Brightness, wield a sword back to protect, I'm afraid before the killer's head fell to the ground, he will be cut off. There were only five people left standing in the woodland. Wei Changyun said, "I have offended the Taoist Priest tonight. It's just a matter of urgency. Even if I can't do it, Industrial pallet rack ,heavy duty warehouse rack, I can't regret it. If the Taoist Priest still remembers the past.." "I have no'past 'with you." Since the beginning of the war, Xie Li finally heard Duanqing speak, his voice is very light and very cold, the sword in his hand is bleeding, but there is no blood of his own. The next moment, Xie Li saw a sword that he had never heard or seen in his life! Wei Changyun is the same. He is a master of swordsmanship, and he has fought a life-and-death battle with many swordsmen. He has seen many swordsmanship in Jianghu, and even compared with Baiyue in Qianyuan of Helian Yu, but he always has some regrets. Some people say that if you have seen the snow in the mountains, you will abandon the frost in the mountains like an old shoe. Wei Changyun has seen Mu Qingshang's sword. Clear the light and cut off the dust, the clouds break through the sky. Unfortunately, it was the only time, but also the last time, in the southwest of the nameless deep ravine, the sword gas like a rainbow split the tight encirclement, but eventually fell on the top of the mountain. The man and the sword all responded to the name of "broken cloud" and merged into the lasting clouds and mists of the mountain stream. Over the next few years, even when Wei Changyun saw the former gentleman's swordsman put down his long hair, took off his arrow-sleeved martial arts clothes, and turned into a cold and unfeeling Taoist priest, he, like Helian Yu, thought that everyone would change, but Mu Qingshang learned to refuse after being betrayed. It was not until Duanqing's sword swept through the throats of the four men that his wrist turned over and fell from top to bottom on the Baiyue Sword in Wei Changyun's hand. The Baiyue Sword is made of high mountain iron and stone. It weighs 146 Jin, is about three feet long, and is more than one palm wide. It is difficult for an ordinary warrior to hold it, not to mention that he can wield it as freely as Wei Changyun. Often when the sword, spear, sword and halberd fall on it, they will be hurt by the force. However, after a clang, Wei Changyun's hands suddenly light, he had no time to look closely, the shoulder came a piercing pain, blood spattered out, dyed half of his face red. Baiyue was cut off by a sword, which cut Wei Changyun's shoulder, split the flesh and embedded it in the bone. Xie Li gasped, but by this time no one was paying attention to him. Wei Changyun knew for the first time that the sword could be so cold. The cold edge of the sword crossed his flesh and blood. Duan Qing drew back his long sword and looked at the broken blade of Baiyue on the ground. His eyes flashed with an inexplicable expression. He said to Wei Changyun, "Do you remember what Mu Qingshang said to you when you first got this sword?" The name of the sword is "Baiyue", which takes the heart of the mountain's iron and stone and endows it with the meaning of towering mountains. However, the mountain has become a hundred mountains, and the vicissitudes of life do not change, because it does not move and is not angry. It responds to all changes with no change, and responds to all demands with no demand, so that it can stand on a thousand feet. Chang Yun, since you got the "Baiyue", you need to know that it is a steady and steady sword. You need to remember why you hold the sword today, so that you can go further on this kendo. -I.. I want to save someone. I want to live. Then hold the sword for the sake of "life", whether for oneself or for others, whether for oneself or for the world, do not trample on the word "life". A simple word "Sheng" has already been trampled into mud in the years when he devoted himself to following Helian Yu, and on the day when his hands were stained with innocent blood. His kendo, his hundred mountains, were all destroyed by himself. The sword is like the man, and when the sword is broken,Pallet rack upright, the man dies. He Lianyu doesn't deserve Qian yuan, and you don't deserve Bai Yue. Why do people always betray themselves? After saying this, Duanqing turned around and rushed back to the Pagoda Tower. omracking.com