Quartz watches may be more accurate, but that hasn't stopped watch enthusiasts from fawning over traditional mechanical timepieces. Okay, but why?

The Japanese manufacturer Seiko's development of the quartz movement in the early 1960s effectively ended the century-long dominance of mechanical watches. But despite the rise of ready-to-wear fashion, mechanical timepieces continue to enjoy widespread acclaim among collectors and connoisseurs. In this piece, we'll break down the reasons why automatic watches are considered works of art by connoisseurs: their intricacy and careful construction.


In contrast to the mechanized mass manufacture of quartz timepieces, benyar mechanical watches are constructed by hand. Production using this technology necessitates more time and effort in terms of training and development. You can thank this feature for your watch's higher price tag and the fact that it is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Extremely long life expectancy

An excellent mechanical watch should be considered a long-term investment. Because they are hand-assembled by highly trained professionals in factories designed to produce such complex items, mechanical watches are built to last for generations.

A Living Object

Together, you and your mechanical watch are the engines that drive time. Your watch gets the power it needs from your motion. Many people are drawn to automatic watches because of this motion, which they compare to a beating heart.

A smart Investment

When chosen carefully, a mechanical watch can be a wise financial investment. A mechanical watch's value only increases with time, in contrast to a car's, which begins to decline the moment it leaves the dealer's lot. Because of its high-quality finish and long lifespan, it is usually a wise decision to purchase it.

A Timeless Piece

Heirloom items tend to be mechanical wristwatches. Intentionally made for several users. Traditional though they may be, they will always be the best present a father can offer his son when he turns 18. It's a symbolic transfer of authority from dad to son, and it may carry a lot of weight when said at the right moment (like after a big test or when you obtain your license). The emotional value of passing down a family heirloom is much higher than that of passing down money.

Choosing A Watch That Reflects Your Passions

Building a long-lasting, high-quality product is what we're all about at CODE41. Our models need a responsible, ecological approach because we live in a world where excessive materialism often takes precedence over appealing design. This is why all of our watches feature open-faced construction: we wanted to let you marvel at the precision and reliability of the mechanical movement, which has come to stand for our products' durability and reliability.


Benyar Mechanical watches last far longer than their quartz counterparts. Most people who buy inexpensive quartz watches simply dump them when the battery dies, if not sooner. This generally takes place within a few years. A quartz watch is not something that can be handed down through the ages. However, mechanical watches typically last for many years with only occasional maintenance. When compared to a well-maintained mechanical watch, a quartz watch simply can't keep up. A quality mechanical watch from Benyar is an investment that can be passed down through the generations.


  • Well-made items usually increase in value or retain their initial purchase price for a long time. A minimum improvement over the alternative, which is to buy and then throw away consumer items, can be made. 
  • Values for benyar mechanical watches tend to be more stable throughout time. Many of their antique timepieces have gained in value since they were first purchased. There is little chance that you will earn a profit on your mechanical watch, but if you invest in a cheap quartz watch, you will lose all of your money. An analogue watch would never let something like that happen.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to develop, innovate, and construct a movement from scratch, which is why most decent mechanical watches are so expensive. Wrapping your wrist with this bracelet is like wearing a piece of history. 


High-end mechanical timepieces have a greater aesthetic value than other watches. It would be a shame to put a movement that has taken a lot of time and effort to create in a case that wasn't well-made. You can find a lot of beautiful watches on the market, but if you go for one with a high-quality movement, you'll increase your chances of getting a timepiece that is both elegant and practical.


In terms of jewelry, a mechanical watch has a long and illustrious history. Mechanical clocks are reliable in addition to being beautiful and durable. You can't just think of it as jewelry; it becomes a part of who you are.

Look into Benyar Mechanical Watches, which are fashionable, one-of-a-kind, and dependable.