These days, 4 crates are to be had as one of the first-class ways to get Rocket League item drops which can be Buy Rocket League Credits  worth having:

Player’s Choice Crate: turned into launched in February; you get 5 Rare decals, 4 Very Rare decals, three Import our bodies, and  Exotic wheels.

Turbo Crate: got here a month after (in March), and is derived with five Rare decals, two Very Rare decals, two Exotic wheels, and one Very Rare wheel, Very Rare rocket trail, Import rocket path, Import frame, and Import paint finish apiece. At this factor, we ought to let you know that the rarity ranges, so as, are Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Black Market, as some distance as Rocket League crates are worried.

The Nitro Crate: debuted in May as part of the Neo Tokyo/Tokyo Underpass update, and consists of five Rare decals,  Very Rare decals,  Exotic wheels, and one Very Rare wheel, Import wheel, Very Rare rocket improve, Import rocket boost, and Import body apiece.