"You are a patient and I am a healer. You should trust me instead of telling me what to do." Nangongyuan said half jokingly. But "Lu Yingxi was puzzled, and when he wanted to ask, he suddenly felt his eyes blurred and his head gradually dizzy." In the medicine just now, I mixed a newly developed misty powder. Nangongyuan's voice was low and shallow, like a warm wind blowing, and all of a sudden it drifted away. Lu Yingxi vaguely guessed something, but he could not stand the strong medicine. He closed his eyes and only had time to escape a weak objection: "Master.." Don't take risks.. The voice did not finish, her body soft tilt, Nangong yuan reached out to embrace, gently put her on the pillow. Quietly gazing at her white and beautiful face, his silent black eyes rippled like an ancient well. In his life, he could not escape the shackles he wanted to escape. Perhaps he did not have enough courage, but only one thing, he finally had the courage to admit and stick to it. That is, love her. Volume IV Chapter 24 This Dilemma With a basin of clear water, Nangong yuan carefully washed away the confusion that Lu Yingxi held tightly in the palm of his hand. Sitting down slowly on the bed, he gazed at her. This beautiful face, he has seen for thirteen years, has always known that she is very bright, but when did he begin to breed a different feeling in his heart? Perhaps it was that year,Fiberglass tape measure, when she first met him, she wore a gorgeous and complicated palace skirt and whirled in front of him, smiling like a flower, brilliant and brilliant. At that moment, he suddenly realized that she had grown up and was no longer a childish child. Or perhaps it was that time when she danced in front of him, the waves were elegant, which made him palpitate with surprise and could not restrain his heartbeat. With a low sigh, he stretched out his hand and his long fingers fell lightly on her black hair. The black hair is like a waterfall,Horse weight lbs, the beautiful face is like snow, and it quietly exudes the beauty of confusing people. He could not help but move his hand to touch her eyebrows, fingertips lightly across, and then withdraw. He clenched his fist slightly, as if he wanted to treasure up the temperature. His black eyes were full of pity and attachment, and only at such a moment could he release the tenderness buried deep in his heart. If he could go back in time, would he say something to her before she left the cabinet? If she had responded, would he have had the courage to take her away? If, if, after all, only if. Staring deeply at her, he turned his face away and looked at the wound on her calf. As long as she uses Xuanmen's unique internal skill to suck out the poisonous blood from her wound, coupled with the good medicine picked by the Master, she will soon recover. But he did not have the master's superb internal force, Fish measuring board ,Adhesive fish ruler, and he was afraid that he could not resist the invasion of toxins. There was a Pure Brightness in his mind, but there was no hesitation in his movements. He bent his head and sucked hard at the black and blue wound. As a mouthful of blood was sucked out, he gradually felt dizzy, but he did not give up and persisted until all the toxins were removed. Watching the lump on her calf disappear and no longer appear unusually black, he casually wiped the blood-stained corners of his mouth, showing a faint smile. He lifted her up and slowly fed the prepared decoction into her mouth. By the time he had done everything, he was in a daze and his body was shaking slightly. Holding up his body and estimating the time, knowing that she would wake up in a moment, he gritted his teeth and stepped on the superficial footsteps to leave. There was no point in worrying her, and he would come to see her after he had breathed down the poison. The door was touched by him, and the light gray figure staggered and disappeared in the dazzling sunshine outside. Only a quarter of an hour later, Lu Yingxi woke up faintly. Master? She murmured and looked around the room, but there was no one there. Sitting up and looking at his calf, he found that the poison had faded, and immediately his heart was shocked! With numbness still on her legs, she adjusted her breath and got out of bed in a hurry. As soon as she opened the door, she was stunned. Chen? She was stunned for a moment and looked at each other in silence. Why did you get out of bed? Murong Chenrui frowned lightly and said with a slight reproach, "Forcibly walking will make the toxin run early." Where have you been? Lu Yingxi blurted out, realizing that his tone seemed to be questioning. He slowed down his tone and said again, "Master went out to look for you. Did you meet him?" Murong Chen Rui shook his head lightly, spread his arms and picked her up and walked into the room. When I was in the market, I met Ling Er's brother. He murmured as he laid her on the bed. "Hm?" Lu Yingxi looked up at him, full of doubts. Ling is still alive. His voice dropped more and more, and his eyes dimmed. "I didn't see her, but it must be true that her brother said so." Lu Yingxi did not know how to answer, nor did he know whether to be happy or sad, but looked at him quietly. Her Elder Martial Brother warned me that if I met Ling again, if I made her sad again, I would take my life at any cost. Murong Chenrui raised his lips with a wry smile, and thousands of sighs surged in his deep eyes. Staring at his expression, Lu Yingxi felt a throbbing pain in his heart. After a thousand sails, did he finally realize that the person he loved most was the one he once loved? "Yingxi, I'm sorry." He suddenly changed his look, solemn and solemn. Why do you apologize? Lu Yingxi was surprised. Is she really right? Is it really "looking for him thousands of times in the crowd, suddenly looking back, the dim lights in the crowd"?! "I forgot to buy you breakfast." But he replied. Ah Lu Yingxi's lips were slightly open, and he was surprised and uncertain. I followed Ling Er's Elder Martial Brother all the way. "He paused for a long time, pulled his lips and smiled." I wanted to get justice for you, but I couldn't do it. Ying Xi, I'm sorry. He said sorry again, and Lu Yingxi pursed his lips in silence. It has nothing to do with love. It's just that he has been poisoned. Even if he can wake up, he has already hurt his heart and lungs. I can't add insult to injury any more. Murong Chenrui raised his hand to her cheek and sighed, "Yingxi, my indulgence has harmed her, and it is impossible to make any compensation in this life.". And you are also my indirect harm,horse weight tape, but I will spend my whole life cherishing you, loving you and making up for you. Lu Yingxi is dumb, is she thinking too much. tapemeasure.net