In the winter of the old year, Princess Li entered the palace once. Li Jiang asked me to go to Ning Wang Fu to play. In fact, I have seen Li Jiang so many times, but I have never stepped into Ning Wang Fu. Even though the emperor did not say that he wanted to isolate Ning Wangfu from the outside world, the pommel horse was left out in the cold in front of Ning Wangfu, and there were no nobles. Prince Ning's mansion is very big, much bigger than the prime minister's mansion, but it is sparsely populated, and there are no servants, which is no different from my Cui's mansion. I said to Li Jiang, "Your palace is really a royal palace. It is not comparable to the courtyards of ordinary people." Li Jiang took out the royal drinks to greet me, "Sister Peng, look, this is Zhuangyuan Red, Rose Dew, Lotus White, Bergamot Incense, but three bowls." I said: "Three bowls but the post?"? Is there such a drink in the palace? In the middle of winter that day, I was drunk in Ningwangfu. When Su Mu took me back, we almost fell down at the door of our house. The old man who swept the floor was lazy again. He didn't even get rid of the ice on the ground. Today Li Jiang has two bodyguards behind her, but both of them are greasy-haired, not like the guards who play with knives and guns,aluminum tile edge trim, but like the little ones outside. This can only be the Chamberlain in the palace. I asked Li Jiang with my eyes. She spread out her hands and winked at me. We all understand that although she is a little princess, but a lot of things are not decided by her, she has rank, salary, is also the salary of the monarch, need to bear the same worries of the monarch. The two chamberlains thought they were not used to doing rough work. They made a fire, but it didn't burn for a long time. They asked them to catch fish, but half of their clothes were wet. I saw Tianxiang. "You go to make a fire,aluminium tile trim profiles," he said to Li Jiang. "We'll catch fish ourselves." Seeing that Li Jiang had brushed her sleeves and was about to go into the water, I was also ready to show off my skills. One of the chamberlains stopped me and said, "Princess, you are the body of a daughter. It's a vulgar thing. You'd better not do it yourself. There are fish on that head. The slave will buy you some fish to roast and eat." I looked up at the Chamberlain, but he looked like a man. He was really annoyed when he spoke. He held out a pair of white and tender hands. "Princess, if you really can't, the slave will catch it for you. If you say which one you want, the slave will catch it for you." I frowned and hummed, "Didn't you go down to catch it just now? How could you get your clothes wet? Did you wash your clothes here specially when you saw that the stream was clean?" "Eat," Li Jiang laughed out loud, "just as well, you stand by and watch the princess show you her skills." The stream was murmuring, and there were two fish in the crevice of the stone. Li Jiang and I stood on one side of the stone, rushed over together, and then scooped them up with a basket at the same time, tile profile factory ,stainless steel tile edging, one for each person. Ah Li Jiang lost her footing and fell into the water. I quickly reached out to pull her, the stream flowed, my hand slipped, and she separated from me and fell into a small whirlpool in the seemingly shallow stream. Li Jiang was washed away by the water. The air was still full of peach fragrance. I stood on the stone beside the stream. The two chamberlains screamed, "The princess fell into the water, the princess fell into the water!" Chapter 15 of the text This stream is going to flow into the river behind Qingliang Mountain. The river flows down the south of the mountain. Tianxiang was on fire at that end. The accident happened in an instant. I was still standing on the stone in a daze. Tianxiang pulled me down. "Miss, quickly, find someone to get the princess." I was in a daze. "Where to get it?" There was a bamboo raft by the stream, and fishermen were standing on the bank in twos and threes. I walked over quickly. Just as I was about to take out the gold leaves, Tianxiang had already taken out the broken silver. "Brother, someone in my family has fallen into the water. Please help me look for it along the stream. This is a little reward." Tianxiang pulled out a handful of broken silver, which attracted all the idle fishermen around him. For a moment, seven or eight fishermen swam down the stream with bamboo rafts at the same time, which became a scene. The two chamberlains in the palace ran over and wanted to follow them to look for someone. I let them get on the bamboo raft. Tianxiang asked me, "Miss, shall we look for someone?" I pointed to the outside of the mountain temple, "look for it, go back to the house and call someone, quickly!" The rickshaw puller waited outside the temple without leaving. I asked him to go back with Tianxiang to call for help. Tianxiang asked me, "Miss, what about you?" I naturally want to find Li Jiang, I make trouble, how can I walk away. I was worried that Li Jiang would be washed to the shoal by the river, so I waved to Tianxiang, "Hurry back and call someone, I'll go to the riverbank to look for it." I turned back to the peach grove. The stream was not turbulent. Where would Li Jiang be washed away? I stood on the big stone that Li Jiang fell down, slipped under my feet, and fell into the water. The stream was cool and refreshing. I plunged into the water and struggled a few times. Then I held my breath and let the stream rush me downstream. Sure enough, there was a whirlpool not far ahead. As soon as the whirlpool rolled, I was surrounded by the water. As soon as a wave came, I fell from the rapid stream into the gentle river. I knew that this was the river behind Qingliang Mountain. The river was no longer flowing like a stream. I changed my posture and swam to the bank. Li Jiang was young and much weaker than me. I climbed up the bank and walked slowly down the bank. The sun was off the side of the sun. It was already afternoon. I had been soaking in the water for a long time, and now I was dizzy by the hot sun. There was a shadow of a man in front of me. I took a few steps forward, but before I could see the man's face, I fainted on the bank. When I woke up, Tianxiang was watching me. When I woke up, she looked depressed. I said, "Why, why are you so unhappy to see me?" Tianxiang pointed to the outside, and my father's voice came from outside the screen. "Wake up?"? When I woke up, I went to the ancestral temple and knelt down for two days and two nights, which would save trouble. I thought that if I jumped into the water bravely to save people, my father would give me a fierce praise, saying that I had brought glory to my ancestors. Tianxiang told me that I had not been in a coma for a long time. The little princess was indeed not far ahead of me. The people of the prime minister's mansion found us very quickly. It was not like what was said in the play. The two girls were going to be lost for three days and three nights, which turned the capital upside down. I had nothing to do. They brought me back from the river. I slept for less than an hour, and then I woke up. As for Li Jiang, her situation is not so good, I heard that the palace also came to the imperial doctor, explained a lot of things, my father personally went to the palace of Prince Ning,stainless steel edging strip, and did not see the princess of glass, after he came back, made up his mind to punish me.