After Ma Tingxian withdrew from the tent, Ma Anliang asked Ma Wuzhen beside him. The reason for the choice of encirclement of Lanzhou, the new army on the right is defeated but not pursued, all in order to increase the chips after Tingfu to the northwest. Surrounded by Lanzhou, there are more than ten thousand people in Lanzhou as the chips of the western army, if the northwest army to die to force the western army, then.. Naturally, the whole city of Lanzhou was buried with the Western Army. Five days ago, the president sent a telegram after Dashaojun and Ma Lin arrived in the northwest. Since then, there has been no news until now. I'm afraid. Ma Wuzhen stood up and looked at the president and said that it was Ma Qi's idea to bring a huge sum of money to the northwest with Ma Lin. Although Ma Wuzhen and most of the Western military officers do not agree. But understand that this is probably the last chance for the Western Army, otherwise the Western Army can only choose to burn both jade and stone. Oh! Let Ma Yue speed up. If there is bad news from the northwest, we will attack the city immediately. Ma Anliang some absently looked at the account of the interior of the road and the battalion of the pipe with a quiet way. Burning both jade and stone is the next best thing. Now Ma Anliang only hopes that the northwest side can agree to the conditions he put forward. The reason why the central government wants to disband the western army and release the western officers to Beijing is actually for a confession in the northwest. If the northwest no longer pursues this matter, the central government will naturally not delve into this matter. Located on the bank of the Yellow River is facing the school field of GuangWuMen, was originally one of the left new army station, in the west after twenty thousand troops arrived in Lanzhou, in the school field new army immediately burned down the barracks into the city, the flat school field naturally became the west army fortification siege,china tile trim, as high as four meters of earth rampart in the west army arrived on the same day was built up, This is the nearest rampart of the Western Army to Lanzhou City. In the big tent clinging to the wall of the earthen rampart, more than a dozen soldiers constantly used winches to twist up the loess from the ground into a basket. The loess that was twisted up was immediately picked up by a soldier with a pick, and then picked out the earthen rampart of the big rampart and poured it into the rolling Yellow River. The reeds outside the earth rampart provided them with good cover. Ka, Ka.. A few meters underground, by the dim light of the oil lamp,stainless tile trim, a few soldiers in single clothes are constantly digging tunnels, the tunnel is less than three feet high and wide, so that they can only dig forward bit by bit with a shovel, since the earth rampart was built, hundreds of soldiers in the rampart have been working in turn, digging tunnels leading to Lanzhou city day and night. The excavated soil was dumped into the Yellow River, so that even though the tunnel had been dug for seven days, no such movement was found in the city. While hundreds of soldiers of the Western Army in the school yard were digging tunnels day and night leading to the city of Lanzhou, Ma Tingfu and Ma Lin, who were far away in the northwest, were running around in the northwest for the survival of the Western Army and the Ning Navy. Northwest hotel is a large hotel with the earliest northwest, inchoate ever was northwest company guest house, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium edge trim, when undertaking industry is adjusted in northwest company hind, be sold at coming from a wealthy businessman of Guangdong, be rebuilt subsequently became a luxurious hotel, although stand in the luxurious hotel of northwest forest now, northwest hotel is inconspicuous, but because of its special history however, It has always been the first place for businessmen from all over the northwest. On the roadside parking lane opposite the hotel, a white tool car with no protruding engine compartment and luggage compartment is parked there, because it looks like Russian and German bread on the market, people usually call this kind of tool car a van. The windows of the van were hung with gray curtains. There was only an unnoticed gap in the window. Today, the target person met with Li Huailin, a member of the Joint Parliament, who is one of the members of the Armed Forces Committee of the Joint Parliament. After receiving the information from the headquarters, the agent in civilian clothes in the van reported to the captain who was listening to the target person in the hotel that since the target person and his party entered the northwest five days ago, they had entered the eyes of the two departments. Because there was no direct order, the two departments had been closely monitoring them. Member of the Armed Forces Committee? I heard a report from my subordinates. The captain, who was listening to the monitor, was obviously stunned. In the past two days, the target had been in contact with each other, but it was the first time that he had met with the members of the Armed Forces Committee of the Joint Parliament. This time, it seemed that he had caught a big fish. "Commissioner Li, look at this." Ma Lin took out a Lanzhou Jincheng Bank promissory note from his bosom, and then gently pushed it in front of this Senator Li, looking at him with the color of buying. In front of him, Li Huailin was a member of the Northwest United Council. It was the eldest brother's plan to choose the members of the Northwest Joint Council as the target of the activity. Officials at all levels of government in the Northwest have no say in the actions of the Northwest Army, and those who have the right to speak are the members of parliament in other provinces who do not care. It was they who retaliated against the authorization of the Ning Navy by force in the parliament, and it was they who agreed to suspend the suppression of the bandit Gansu Western Army. These seemingly useless members of parliament can play a decisive role in whether the northwest can strike. And the one in front of us is in the crucial Armed Forces Committee, according to the intermediary's introduction of the decision of this body. Enough to affect the outcome of the joint Council, which is why Ma Lin does not show the lure of heavy money. Li Huailin glanced at the promissory note. Although he only glanced at it once, he could still see the five in the back. The 200,000 yuan promissory note in front of him really brightened Li Huailin's eyes. Mr. Ma, you should know that the navy is now in the northwest. It can be said that they want to eat their bones and drink their marrow. If I rashly ask for a strike in the committee, I am afraid that the people and other members of parliament will immediately ask for my removal. It may even request an investigation into Li Mou! I think Mr. Ma should understand that the director's hatred of corruption is beyond the imagination of the world. More than 100 people in Zhangjiakou are still doing hard labor in the hard labor camp of the military prison. Li Mou once "had the honor" to go to the hard labor camp once. In that place, let alone ten years, even ten days, Li Mou did not want to stay, so please forgive me for being powerless. Although the 100,000 yuan promissory note in front of him looked very attractive, Li Huailin still pushed the money back,stainless steel edge trim, for 200,000 yuan to accompany his reputation and future, this business is not worth it! Ma Lin pushed the promissory note back in front of Li Huailin. Commissioner Li misunderstood what I meant! I just want to change a word from Commissioner Li! 。