"Cheng Xiaoyun was just found this morning. According to the police, our classmate was very brave. In the process of being abducted and sold, she gave up the chance to escape in order to save two children, and was even beaten by the gangsters.". Fortunately, the two fleeing children were not only found by the police, but also got the wallet of the perpetrator, which provided the police with many powerful clues and evidence for investigation. The teacher in charge of the class is serious. Rao is an old teacher like him. At the moment, he can't help being excited. Although he tries to restrain his voice, as long as he thinks of Cheng Xiaoyun's appearance when he was rescued, the teacher in charge can't help choking a little: "After being caught in the small village of abduction and trafficking, Cheng Xiaoyun's classmates are trying to rescue all the children detained together. Although she is only a student, But during the whole process, she was so smart and brave that even the police praised her. We did not expect that our students in Boyang would be so surprising and proud. Even in such adversity, they would never yield and help the weak. The teachers were very moved and could not help sharing these with you. Now you can rest assured. Cheng Xiaoyun and the abducted children in the whole village are now all in police cars, cooperating with the police investigation, and the follow-up police will certainly place them well and send everyone back to their original homes. Many people were shocked by the teacher's words, we only know that Cheng Xiaoyun missing is likely to be abducted, can be found so quickly is the greatest luck, did not expect in this short period of two days,stainless steel tile edge trim, such a tortuous thing happened. Cheng Xiaoyun usually looks ordinary, did not expect to encounter danger, unexpectedly so brave, if this kind of thing happened in the news, we may marvel at it, not very serious, but it happened in their own side,metal trim manufacturers, is their classmates, the sense of substitution is too strong, it is more aware of how much courage and determination it takes to do all this. For a whole day, the whole Boyang was immersed in the events related to Cheng Xiaoyun. Yunjing and Morpheus saw Cheng Xiaoyun's memory and knew that Cheng Xiaoyun helped the two children escape in the process of being abducted and kidnapped. They did not expect that the two children were so lucky. When Cheng Xiaoyun was found by the police, they also met the police and submitted evidence. After all, there are no families in the village, leaving no one alive except the victims. Most of the victims were children. After being frightened out of their wits, not to mention providing testimony, some of them directly forgot the details of what happened at that time. Only Cheng Xiaoyun could provide some clues, but after all, she had just been kidnapped for less than two days, and the content provided was very limited. Under such circumstances, the whole case is tantamount to a dead end. At this time, aluminum tile trim ,tile trim factory, the two children handed over the criminal's wallet, which was a great breakthrough. The wallet was carried by the perpetrator during the kidnapping, and the contents of the wallet are of great significance and will probably be the strongest evidence! Changed the frustration of the morning, the whole Boyang was jubilant. Cheng Xiaoyun not only did not have an accident, but also turned into a hero to return, the entire Boyang students have a feeling of honor, wish Cheng Xiaoyun immediately back to school, everyone took a good look at her to rest assured. Contrary to what most people have seen so far, it is the peak. From the time the teacher announced that Cheng Xiaoyun was safe in the morning to the end of the evening self-study, Gao Feng was out of his mind all day. When he learned that the two children provided clues, it was likely to become strong evidence, so that the police could find the whole chain of trafficking crimes in the country through the incident in Xitong Village. Gao Feng could hardly hide it, and his face was pale on the spot. After school, Yunjing and Morpheus walked out of the classroom together. When they passed the seat where Gaofeng was, Yunjing could clearly feel Gaofeng's eyes on him. Yunjing took one look at him and saw that Gao Feng did not speak. Yunjing did not delay any more and soon left with Morpheus. After they left Boyang, they were not in a hurry to go home, but came to the Tianluan Gate. At noon, during the lunch break, Yunjing contacted the head of Tianluan Gate and said the whole thing briefly. Cheng Xiaoyun's case caused a sensation throughout Baofeng City, especially when Cheng Xiaoyun changed from a victim to a hero protecting children, her kindness, strength and courage in the whole case shocked many people and deeply shocked them. Tianluan Gate is located in the city of Baofeng. Naturally, I have heard about this case that caused a sensation in the whole city. When I heard Yunjing say this again, the head of Tianluan Gate was also very straightforward. He made an appointment with Yunjing directly. But what Yunjing didn't expect was that when he came to Tianluan Gate, he saw an acquaintance. This is Yan? Yunjing looked at the girl standing behind the head of Tianluan Gate and said with some surprise. It was rare to see Yunjing's surprised appearance. The head of Tianluan Gate said cheerfully, "After the child was brought back, someone found that he was different from ordinary people, so he went to Tianluan Gate. As soon as I saw that she was really talented, I planned to leave her here." Yunjing nodded and looked at Ayan's ignorant and curious appearance. "She's really good," she said with a smile. Yunjing and Morpheus had seen Ayan, and naturally they had some understanding of her situation. As a victim who was abducted and sold to Xitong Village, Ayan had low intelligence, but she was lucky. Because of her cleverness and obedience, she was left in Xitong Village. She helped those women every day and did some menial work. She was not cut and sold. Not only that, although she lacks some intelligence, she has the ability that ordinary people do not have. Chapter 369 When she was in Xitong Village, Ayan could see and even communicate directly with things that ordinary people could not see. Without learning or exploring, it seems that this is her natural ability. God deprived her of part of her wisdom, but at the same time gave her more things, even if she grew up in a place like Xitong Village, she did not let her soul fall with her. Yunjing looked at Ayan's innocent and simple appearance, practicing this road, said it is not difficult,stainless steel tile trim, said it is not difficult, in addition to talent, the biggest obstacle is the mind and demons. jecatrims.com