"Xiao Xin," Wei Zhenglin immediately took Tang Xin's hand and said, "Did she come to see you? It was many years ago, and I didn't want to be with her again. I married you because I really like you and love you, not because of the Tang family. Don't you believe me? I can swear. "Swear?" Tang Xin has a strange expression: "Do you think I will believe you again?" "Small Xin," Wei Zhenglin some strange, Tang Xin has always been considerate, will never lose such a big temper: "What happened in the end? Can you talk to me? "Yes." Tang Xin looked up at him and said, "Wei Zhenglin, let me ask you.." Wei Shiqian. Shiqian he.. Whose child is it? This sentence really let Wei Zhenglin did not think of. He was so shocked that he did not speak, and the strength of holding Tang Xin's wrist gradually weakened. Tang Xin broke free from his bondage and immediately took five or six steps back until he was stuck on the wall and could not retreat. Tang Xin felt that his eyes were very sour, and a string of tears fell down, saying: "Shiqian he.." He is not my child. Where is my child? You tell me! Say something! Where's my baby? Where is he? Wei Zhenglin could not speak for a moment and stood in silence. When Tang Xin gave birth to this child, it can be said that he suffered a lot. She almost lost her life, and after giving birth, she suffered serious physical injuries and could no longer bear children. But it's okay. Tang Xin was thinking at that time, but fortunately, his child is safe,industrial racking systems, as long as there is such a child as Wei Shiqian, he and his father will love him very much. That's enough. But now.. Everything is a lie, Wei Shiqian is not Tang Xin's child at all, there is no blood relationship. Tang Xin wants to cry very much now, she feels the whole person is very collapsed. How happy it was in the past, how cruel it is now. Wei Shiqian is the child of the Wei family, but not the child of Tang Xin. Tang Xin bit his lower lip and stared at Wei Zhenglin. "Tell me,mobile racking systems, where is my child?"! Where is he! Wei Shiqian is not my child, but you and her child, right? Why! Why Tang Xin was so excited that his eyes suddenly darkened, and some of them could not keep their balance and were about to fall down. Xiao Xin! Wei Zhenglin rushed over, hugged her, held her in his arms and said, "How do you feel?"? Don't get so excited. My child.. Where is the child. Tang Xin's eyes were dull and he murmured in a low voice. Wei Zhenglin soothingly hugged her: "Don't get excited, don't get excited, listen to my explanation, OK?"? Let me explain. "Knock, knock, knock!" "Sir!"! It's not good! "The young master had an accident in the hospital!" There are bodyguards knocking on the door outside, which sounds very urgent. Wei Zhenglin immediately frowned, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,drive in racking system, Tang Xin this side of the matter has not been resolved, do not know what happened to Wei Shiqian in the hospital, so that he is simply divided/lack of skills. Tang Xin hears the bodyguard's words, the reaction is somewhat big, has pushed Wei Zhenglin to stand up, hurriedly opens the villa the gate. Tang Xin asked, "What happened when Wei Shi moved out?" "The hospital just called to say that the young master suddenly had a severe allergy, which was very dangerous, maybe." The bodyguard hesitated at this point. What Wei Zhenglin rebukes say: "move at ordinary times very attention, why can serious allergy?"? How's he doing? Take me there at once. The bodyguard had no time to promise, so he heard Tang Xin sneer and say, "If you go there now, I'm afraid you won't see him for the last time." "What are you talking about, Xiao Xin?" Wei Zhenglin looked at her suspiciously. Wei Shiqian had a history of allergies. When he was a child, he was sent to the emergency room because he was allergic to food by mistake. He almost died. At that time, Wei Zhenglin and Tang Xin were guarding him all night, but thanks to a miracle, Wei Shiqian was out of danger. Later, Tang Xin has been very careful, every day this does not allow Wei Shiqian to eat that does not allow Wei Shiqian to eat, and knows everything about Wei Shiquan's allergies. Wei Zhenglin had a bad feeling in his heart: "Xiao Xin, what have you done?"? What are you.. Is this crazy? "Shouldn't I be crazy?" Said Tang Xin with a sneer? Where is my child? I have been cheated by you for more than twenty years. I have helped you and your lover raise their children for more than twenty years. Shouldn't I be crazy? "Do you know how much I loved you before and how much I hate you now?" "I wish I could drag you to hell and die with you!" Wei Shiqian's time suddenly shortened, the clock seconds want to find out the person who really hurt Wei Shiqian, has been around Wei Shiqi. Clock seconds found that there were many people around Wei Shiqian who wanted to be unfavorable to him. Ruan Ling, Wei Jinghao, Wei Shiqian's aunt and so on, enemies are really all over the world, impossible to guard against. However, these people are not really a threat to Wei Shiqian's time. The moment I picked up the small medicine bottle, I was shocked and couldn't believe it. The pills in the bottle were switched, and after Wei Shiqian took the pills, the remaining time was suddenly shortened again, indicating that there was definitely something wrong with the pills. After the nurse delivered the tablets, there was only one person left who could touch the tablets except for the clock and Wei Shiqian. He hurried to visit Wei Shiqian's mother, Tang Xin. No matter how incredible the conclusion is, this is the only truth. At the very beginning, when he first met Wei Shiqian in the coffee shop, he answered a phone call, and the rest of the time was suddenly shortened. The phone call was for Wei Shiqian to pick up Ruan Ling at the airport. However, the point has nothing to do with Ruan Ling. The point is that the phone call was made by Wei Shiqian's mother, Tang Xin. Tang Xin's face was full of tears. He cried and laughed for a while. "It's all right now!"! Ok! Are you in pain when your son dies? As painful as I am? That's good. Then I will.. OK You can rest assured. "Xiao Xin!" Wei Zhenglin did not care too much and rushed up at once. Tang Xin had a knife in her hand,warehousing storage solutions, which she should have prepared in advance. Wei Zhenglin stretched out his hand to block it, and the knife went straight through Wei Zhenglin's palm, and blood spattered everywhere. jracking.com