He is my grandfather. How can you know my grandfather when you are so young? How can there be a special transmission volume transmitted to my inner courtyard? I didn't hear my grandfather say he had any human friends! The elf's eyes sparkled with wisdom, and judging from her hand still holding the wooden door, if she was sure that we were bad people, she would close the wooden door in time. And from the time the elf asked twice about this special transport roll, I knew that this transport roll was really precious, and if I had the chance to go to the Iron Mountain City of the dwarves in the future, I would definitely visit Ephrathor's house. Beautiful elf girl, we are friends of the Eiffel family, and I am the disciple of the sword God Xiaoyao. My name is Tianyi. This is my eldest brother's plaything Shangzhi. We have something important to find your grandfather! "I've heard of the Ephithor family, and I've heard that the dwarf grandfather is a greedy but loyal man, but who is the sword God Xiaoyao?"? Why didn't I hear my grandfather say that? Your name is Tianyi, right? "Well, please inform the girl!" The fairy girl narrowed her eyes, and her eyelashes, which were about two centimeters long, were beating with brilliant light: "OK, you wait here, I'm going to find Grandpa!" After more than ten minutes,cantilever racking system, the plaything could not help knocking on the wooden door, which looked like there was no trace. I grabbed him and said, "Don't worry, wait!" Dizzy, even if the identity of that child quail card is very high, his home won't be as big as the World Trade Center, right? And there's no elevator? He lives on the top floor,shuttle rack system, and this is the bottom floor? We haven't been here for so long, so it's clear that we're not welcome! Looking at the indignant plaything, I smiled bitterly and said, "Why should people welcome us?"? He doesn't know us, and now that the Wood Elves are in a tense war, it's normal for us, a strange race, to have more than one mind. Let's wait patiently! "Ha ha." A hearty laugh rang out in the courtyard, and a handsome male elf in a milky white robe with a silver forehead band on his head appeared in front of us with the female elf before him. In the middle of his forehead band, there was a brilliant diamond gem that made it difficult to see his eyes. This little brother is so cultured! No wonder Pinto Ephrathole sent you the transport roll! Stunned, I looked again at the male elf who looked younger than me and said, "Are you the High Priest of Tongka?" "Do you think I'm too young?" Asked the boy with a smile? Little brother, tell you, industrial racking systems ,warehouse pallet racks, I have lived for more than 1600 years, to the elves, there are many of your human concepts will change, didn't your master tell you? "Oh, hehe, I just didn't react for a while. The younger Tianyi has seen the high priest!" The plaything is also very polite to see the ceremony, the child quail card nodded with relief and said: "Well.." Go sit in my cabin and have a glass of my baby granddaughter's home-brewed fruit wine. "Yes!" The plaything answered happily, but then I received his secret words: "Laosan, won't this guy also get a few glasses of poisonous wine to entertain us?" With a wry smile, I replied, "Don't drink like a snake. I believe that even a treacherous businessman and a swordsman who is highly respected will never use this kind of means. You can drink it safely later!" Had been to the palace of the dark elves before, because of the spacious and many lighting tools, so I don't think the light is good, but when I entered the home of the high priest of Tong Quaka, it turned out that the light in the real tree house was not good, only some magic crystals shone faintly, so that the space would not be invisible. But in such a dark space, it is really a pleasant thing to smell the fragrance of the earth in the air and taste the delicious fruit wine. How is your teacher recently? The child quail card gracefully holds the fruit wine and looks forward to my response. "Thanks to the elder's concern and the blessing of the elder, the family teacher is now in good health and eating well. He also asked me to convey his invitation for him, hoping that the elder can visit the Hualong Empire when he is free!" Tong Quaka chuckled and said, "I will definitely go if I have a chance. I don't know how you know the old man Pinto, little brother."? Is he still taking pleasure in entrapping consumers? "I'm sorry to tell you that I don't know Pinto Ephetor. I only know his son, Boone Ephetor, and according to Boone Ephetor, his father is dead." I paused and said, "It was Boone who sent the scroll to me, and he also asked me to bring greetings and blessings from the Ephithor family!" "Well.." Tong Quanka hesitated and said, "Things change. Little brother, I don't know what's important for you to find me. And you seem to know that my clan is in a state of war. Can you tell me?" Business came, I frowned and said: "I would like to ask the elder, I wonder if you know the way to remove the poison of Amoxicillin?" Chapter 28 the ageless city (2). "Amoxicillin?" Tong Ka's face changed, but he immediately returned to normal, which made me think that it was the illusion caused by the dim light: "Is it the kind of poison that makes people lose all their strength and can't even stand steadily?" "Yes, dare to ask the elder if he has any countermeasures against this poison?" Glancing at us, Tong Quanka chuckled and said, "I don't think either of you has been poisoned. What about the poisoned person?" "Wait!" I got up and found a slightly empty position to summon the silver dragon and said, "Senior, this is my attendant silver dragon. He is poisoned by Amoxicillin." The boy suddenly appeared in front of the silver dragon. After a pause, he said doubtfully, "He doesn't look like a poisoned man. Do you have a temporary antidote?" . "Yes, but the temporary antidote can only solve the temporary emergency, if there is no real antidote to remove the toxicity,asrs warehouse, he still can not escape the fate of death ah!" "The poison of amoxicillin can be cured, but it may take some time, and I want to find an old fellow." "Can you tell me how he was poisoned?" Said the boy. 。 jracking.com