"You are that Lin Dong?" Between the thoughts in Lin's mind, an indifferent voice suddenly came from the side, only to see that the nine peaks were staring at him with cold eyes. Lin Dong noticed some bad words between the nine peaks, and his footsteps also stepped back gently. He said with a smile, "So Elder Jiufeng has heard of the name of the boy." Jiufeng stared at Lin Dong and suddenly stepped forward. Lin move to see, complexion is also suddenly cold down, vast mental power swept out, eyes cold as a blade to stare at the nine peaks, although the latter is reincarnation strong, but now because in this broken space, is also suppressed to the level of reincarnation, so if you really want to start. Lin Dong is not afraid of him. Elder Jiufeng, it's not easy for you to climb this stone ladder. If you fall out later, I'm afraid it won't be so easy to come up again. Lin moved his palm and clenched it. Lei Di's scepter flashed out. Between the flashes of thunder, he said in a cold voice. Are you threatening me? Jiufeng sneered. Just to tell you the truth. Lin moved lightly, but his eyes were staring at Jiufeng without flinching. Ha ha, Elder Jiufeng, Lin Dong is the Elder of the Dragon Clan. Don't embarrass him easily. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can only compete with you. When Liu Qing saw the two of them on the stone stairs, his eyes were cold and he grinned. Although Jiufeng is a strong person in reincarnation, it is obvious that Liu Qing is not afraid of him at this time. Yes, I hope the elders of Jiufeng will compete fairly. Elder Zhu Li also said with a smile, and his tone made it clear that he was standing on Lin Dong's side. With a flash of cold in Jiufeng's eyes, he stared at Lin Dong. He immediately smiled faintly and said, "Since there are dragons and devils to speak for him, let him go first." Lin moved slightly curled his mouth,shuttle rack system, this nine phoenix clan, is really not a good bird. Between them, in the field, the devouring corpse once again stood quietly in front of the temple, and the Kun yuan saw this, his eyes were flashing, and immediately he suddenly swept out, his hands clenched, only to see his palms become sticky, a wave of reincarnation rippled out. Whew! The devouring corpse,push back racking system, no matter who rushed in, showed no mercy. The black awn flashed, and the knife awn swept out. However, when the knife awn touched the palm of the Kun yuan, the sticky energy wrapped the knife awn around it. Squeak. Harsh voice, constantly coming out, that Kun yuan's face is also quickly become pale up, obviously, he is desperately blocking the devouring corpse. Linger! Kun yuan gave a sharp shout. Among the many strong men of the Kunpeng clan in the rear, the beautiful woman with silver hair swept out like a swan goose, and in a flash, she appeared beside Kunyuan. The Great Elder. She saw Kun yuan's pale face and said hurriedly. Go in, you have some origin with the Lord of devouring, and you can't say that you can get his inheritance! Kun yuan said hurriedly in a low voice. But Kun Ling wanted to say more, but when he saw Kun yuan's anger, he immediately had to bite his silver teeth, rush out, and finally sweep up the stone stairs. Sniff! And just as she stepped on the stone stairs, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, a muffled sound sounded, and when she turned around, she saw that Kunyuan's arm was already flying up, and the whole person was thrown out in a mess, and immediately her eyes were red. This Kun yuan lost an arm in order to send her in. Little friend Lin Dong, it seems that we have nothing to do with this devouring temple. Next, it's up to you. Seeing this, Elder Zhu Li couldn't help shaking his head. The devouring corpse was so fierce that it was impossible for one man to be the enemy. Lin moved slightly nodded, looked at the two people on the stone staircase, and then turned directly, the devouring temple hall door, slowly pushed open. rs Chapter 1169 in the dark. Crunch. The thick stone door, accompanied by the harsh sound of the stone mill, was slowly pushed open, and with the opening of the stone door, an ancient breath that seemed to be dust-laden for thousands of years came to my face. At that moment, it seemed to make people dream back to ancient times. Behind the stone gate, it was dark, and there was no light. That kind of darkness made people palpitate a little. In the rear, many strong people looked at the open stone door, their eyes were full of thick heat, but when the heat was transferred to the figure holding a long black knife before the temple, it had to disperse a little bit, replaced by thick disappointment and unwillingness. Although they are only hundreds of feet away from the temple, with their speed, the blink of an eye, but it is hundreds of feet, it is as if they are separated by an endless gap. Strong as that Kun yuan, in order to block a moment, is to pay the price of an arm, although the strength to this level, broken arm is also able to rebirth, but such an injury, is still not light. Big brother, we'll wait for you outside. Xiao Yan shouted at Lin Dong. Lin Dong nodded at them, glanced at the nine peaks next to him and the silver-haired woman named Kun Ling, and then, without the slightest hesitation, took the lead in walking into them. The nine peaks, Kun Ling two people see, slightly hesitant, immediately also step into, to this time, in front of even the mountain of knives and sea of fire, that also has to really rush. Boom! And when the three of them stepped into the temple, the thick stone door closed with a crash, and the dust rose, blocking all the sight of the outside world. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The mink looked at the closed stone door and shook his head helplessly. The devouring temple was really not easy to enter. Ha ha, little brother Lin Dong is carrying the devouring ancestral amulet. He wants to get the inheritance of the devouring Lord. Elder Zhu Li chuckled in a voice that only a few of them could hear. This kid is really cheap. Liu Qing curled his lips, and then sat down directly on the floor, but he saw quite free and easy, since the inheritance had nothing to do with him, it directly broke the idea. The crowd on one side also smiled and sat down. In the sky, many strong people can only shake their heads helplessly, but they have not dispersed, but are unwilling to wait here to see if there is still a chance to take advantage of. And when the atmosphere of the isolated peak gradually quieted down, in the distance of the horizon,warehouse storage racks, it seemed that there was a black gas seeping in quietly, and when the breeze came, the black gas was eerily dispersed. jracking.com