The letter was from Sanliu, who had heard the news of my awakening. Thanks to the big grey hair, the mouths of those little monsters are not strict. Besides, this place is occupied by us, and there is more or less wind outside. Pan Si Daxian? Hey, what am I. I continued to read the letter. Sanliu greeted me first, and then said a few words of comfort. She said something about the outside situation that she knew. It was nothing more than which monster was the king of the mountain, and who had calculated and robbed whose inner alchemy. Finally, at the end of the letter, she said that she would cross the robbery and asked me if I could protect her. Her letter, like his, looked cold and hard at first glance, but there was a faint concern between the lines. This is still a small robbery for her, once in three hundred years. I'm glad she survived the last disaster. She now lives in a place called Huanglin, not far from the capital. I turned the letter paper over and replied on the back: "Come as soon as you see the letter." "The letter is so long, but your reply is so short..." I folded the letter. "Give it to the bird to take back." "Oh." Grey hair looked at me ingratiatingly: "Master, take me with you.". We don't have anything valuable in our house anyway, and we don't need anyone to look after the house, do we? I looked at him and said, "You're just thinking about going down the hill all day,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, right?" "No!" "I just think about it occasionally," he said. "Well, pack up and we'll leave tomorrow." With a shout of joy, Grey Big Hair turned around and rushed to Li Ke's tombstone: "Hey, Taoist Li!"! Master is going to take me down the mountain to see the world! Stay by yourself for a while, and we'll be back soon. I looked at the tablet without words and stood quietly without saying anything. Text 48 Called the little rabbit spirit who lived nearby to guard the door for us, and then set up the array, and then I left the Pansi Cave with Grey Hair and went to the capital. Although I have lived for so many years, I really haven't been out of the door. I have never been to a place as far away as the capital. Although it is not necessary to go down the mountain without knowing the way, it is not enough to go out without knowing the direction. The vehicle I prepared was a ghost bone carriage. As scary as it sounds, it's no big deal. The car was made from an old tree on a hill that Remy had chopped up. People call this kind of wood that has been struck by lightning as thunderbolt wood, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and they always think it has something strange. Actually, it's nothing unusual. The old tree was unlucky. It was struck by lightning when it was about to form its spirit. All of a sudden, not only did it lose its way, but also lost its life. The dead wood left behind was not of any use as people said. The person who pulled the cart was a ghost of a wild horse spirit. The wild horse was born with spirituality, but later it injured its leg and fell into the ravine and died. Its spirit did not disperse, and it often wandered in the mountains. I found an animal skin to cover it and let it pull the cart. Our car rested after sunrise and began to travel when it was too fast to go down the mountain. At first, Grey Big Hair felt that it was not too arbitrary. It had been detained in the mountains for hundreds of years and especially yearned for the excitement of the world. And we drive at night, day and night, and naturally there are no people on the road. In order to satisfy his wish, I specially stayed in an inn for one night and rewarded him so much that the cook of the inn got up at night and gave him a table full of good food and wine. As a result, Grey Big Hair was so happy to eat and drink that he forgot his feelings for a moment and exposed his tail, which almost made the people in the inn see the flaw. Afterwards, Huidamao, who was severely reprimanded by me, was wronged and said, "Master, you are so good at Taoism. Are you still afraid of a few mortals in the inn?" It's not the same thing. Demons have their own ways, and people have their own humanity. We shouldn't have dealt with them. Don't think that if you encounter doom in the future, I will be able to help you solve it. If you are an evil demon, what you encounter is not necessarily the plunder of thunder and fire. Besides, many people open their doors to do business without provoking you. It's not a good thing for you to frighten others for no reason. He muttered something in a low voice, but said nothing else. I don't want to deal with people anymore. Whether it's a grudge or a vendetta. I'm old. To death. Will never forget. I once met a man. Then. Hundreds of years. It's too late. We're not in a hurry. Every day is a journey of hundreds of miles. Early that morning. Passing through a small town called Sanjiedi. It's out of the way. There are not many people in the whole town. Very quiet. The trees are lush. Wild flowers are in full bloom on the yellow and white ground. A small depression at the window between the two hills was cleared and leveled. Planted a few rows of crops. We went astray. The road ahead is no longer a road. The locust tree. Thorn peach. Poplar and pine trees in Nagano. There are also vines and shrubs whose names are unknown blocking the way. Cover everything in front of you. It's the wrong way. Grey hair jumped off the shaft. Called a gopher to come out to ask with magic: "a moment ago that place has a slope.". We should go uphill. You mean. Where were the crops over there just now? "Mmm." Let me look to the east. The sun is almost up. Let's rest here first, and we'll go after dark. Grey Big Hair answered briskly: "All right!" Loosen the reins of the ghost horse and put the cart aside. I leaned against the wall of the cart board and performed an invisibility technique on our cart and the big grey hair. I laid a simple net of two instruments with spider silk, and then closed my eyes and meditated to regulate my breath. I felt that the sun should be rising, and it seemed to be getting hot outside. "Grey hair is wandering around the car. The mouse's temper is like this, and I don't expect him to settle down." Master, come and see. "Why?" "Come out and see." His voice was a little different. I lifted the curtain. That side. He stretched out his arm and pointed to a place in the col for me to see. The place he pointed to was yellow. In the present season, the mountains are covered with lush green. So the yellow line is particularly eye-catching. The long one, like a belt, was sandwiched between the green leaves and snaked forward. It was about three paces wide, like a belt mark left by something passing by, and all the green on the belt was withered, so lifeless that it was shocking. Master, what do you think is going on? I frowned,ceramic igniter electrodes, raised his hand and cloth two spider silk, before and after the carriage tightly guard: "Do not cause trouble, we rest for a while immediately on the road." 。