Variety uses the form of recording and broadcasting. After recording the first two episodes, the first episode was launched in the entertainment video of Star. The number of users of Le Yu is already large. Star has given "Come to My Home" the largest, longest and best promotional space. It has been warmed up for a full month. When it was officially launched during the winter vacation, the number of reservations had reached 500,000. This is a breakthrough data in the offline stage of domestic variety shows. In order to attract the audience to watch the first episode, it was free of charge and free of advertisements. The guests in this episode were also well chosen and very topical. One was Feng Xingzhi, a very decent straight actor who had just divorced in mainland China, and the other was Yao Sheng, a famous singer in Taiwan who was hot and sexy. No need to see, just imagine how much to see when these two people with completely different personalities and experiences get along with each other. And most importantly, they don't know each other's identity. Feng Xingzhi did not know who would come to his home, he once thought it was a big brother, but also prepared beer and peanuts at home, ready to talk about life with his big brother. Yao Sheng did not know whose home he was going to visit, and felt that according to the euphemistic style of the mainland variety show, he should be a little girl, so he prepared chocolates and bracelets as gifts. Such a dramatic opening was very successful. The first broadcast rate of "Come to My House" was five points higher than that of the variety show in the same period. Almost everyone was discussing the variety show overnight. And from the beginning of the second issue, "visitors" need viewers to pay to watch, not only free of advertising, but also on demand all VIP videos, because the effect and content of the first issue is so good, 90% of the audience have chosen to open entertainment members to continue watching. As a result, the stars and the stars once again have a win-win situation. With the broadcast of "Visitors", the topic and heat have remained high, and many sponsored advertisements have come to the door. Xu Diaoxing has already taken the previous group to prepare for the planning of the second season. Zhao Jinjin successfully became a flying guest in the ninth issue of "Visitors". Of course,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, her task is not only to be on the variety show, but also to promote "Building Mountains and Rivers". After all, "Building Mountains and Rivers" will be on during the summer vacation. For this reason, Chen Xing also specially invited Su Ye to be a mysterious guest, earning enough topics. Star success by virtue of "visitors" in the variety circle to gain a firm foothold, and then launch a new variety is much easier than before, after all, the capital and the market have recognized Star. Striking while the iron was hot, Xu led the planning team to plan three more variety shows,ceramic bobbin element, namely, the slow variety show of tourism, the outdoor reality show of competition, and the secret room escape of horror, all of which were unanimously approved by the top management and put the recording plan on the agenda. During the summer vacation, "Building Mountains and Rivers" was broadcast on the provincial TV station, and the entertainment video was broadcast online synchronously. Zhao Jinjin and Su Ye ran a lot of variety shows and announcements before the release of "Building Mountains and Rivers", all in order to promote this ancient costume Machiavellian drama. Both of them have a high popularity and a large fan base. In addition, the entertainment video and the star publicity department spared no effort to promote it. On the day of its launch, the on-demand rate of TV and Internet reached the top. This is a drama in which even the runes on the hero's belt have to be buckled in detail. It goes without saying how well-made it is and how magnificent the picture is. In the words of fans: As long as you watch the first episode, I will lose if you don't follow the drama. Xu Diaoxing is right, when the plagiarism drama can be popular all over the country, there is no reason that the original can not be popular. The fire of "Building Mountains and Rivers" was predictable. Zhao Jinjin became the first of the four florets by virtue of this drama, and many movies came to him on their own initiative. Nowadays, stars are flourishing in the three aspects of film, television, music and variety arts, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and small workshops that were once not favored by people are reaching their peak at an alarming rate. The kingdom that Xu Diaoxing promised to Cen Feng has begun to take shape. And she didn't tell anyone, she just counted the days, day by day, waiting for him to come back. The author has something to say: Watch at twelve o'clock tomorrow noon. ————— Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-18 19:46:00 to 2019-11-18 23:56:52. 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Chapter 54 [54] First Watch When Zhongtian sent the trainees to H country for training, five men's groups and two women's groups in China came out one after another. Solo's idol Aidou is also a lot, and the flow mode has sprung up in the entertainment market, attracting a large number of fans. The environment has begun to develop in the direction of fan circle cultivation,alumina c799, and Xu has already felt the familiar star-chasing environment. The change of trajectory has brought forward the phenomenon of future generations, and she has been unable to predict the future. This is a new world. The only thing we can do is to follow the plan, be down-to-earth and move forward step by step.