Usually I spend many hours at the computer. For this reason, I have a pain in my back. Every day I have a desire to visit the massage salon and to remove all muscular stress which has accumulated after day of work. That's why I have decided to open my own massage salon. The business essence consists in rendering of medical services (east and traditional massage, a facial massage and other kinds of medical massage) and consulting services (doctor-professional) to clients

Your potential customers can be both people healthy, and people with various diseases. To one client to take off the weariness which has accumulated for the labour week enough to visit your salon once in 7 days. To another, having problems with health, it is reasonable to pass along rate of medical massage.

Your competitors are the institutions rendering similar services. As a rule, it is the state medical institutions, for example, polyclinics. However, they do only medical massage. You offer more a wide range of services. It is necessary to pay special attention on the massage salons rendering similar services on a commercial basis.

The given type of activity demands obligatory reception of allowing documents on conducting this kind of business. First of all, it is necessary for you to obtain the licence of state health organization. All this procedure will demand certain financial expenses, and time also.

At first you will need to rent an area of 30-40 sq. yd. You can try to lease 2-3 empty rooms at the nearest polyclinic. Probably, you will must make a repair at your own expense. Costs will pay off quickly, thanks to a favorable arrangement of your massage salon. It is necessary to acquire 2-4 couches, 2-3 armchairs, a coffee table for a reception, and also a table for the professional doctor. Besides, you need to acquire a special cream and gel for the massage.

The special attention should be turned on experience of candidates. They must have diplomas about average medical education. It is desirable, that among your employees was a professional doctor as well. Hang out advertisements in an area adjoining to your massage salon, also use local newspapers.

You should have a sum necessary for rent payment, for purchasing of the equipment and expendable materials. It will depend on that enthusiasm with which you will get down to business. In some months, the salon will start to make a profit. In due course opening of several more massage salons is possible. And the main thing, when working with bodies of clients, do not forget about their souls!