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Contextual links

Using contextual links in technology guest posts can be beneficial for both you and your readers. This method is effective when linking to related content and helping your website to rank higher in search engine results. Contextual links can be placed in the body of the text or on a webpage related to the subject of the guest post. For example, if you are writing a guest post about web design, include relevant articles and tutorials in the body of the text.

Earning money by submitting a guest post

Technology-related blogs will always be in demand for content. Among the best places to write a guest post is Mashable. The site has a high DA authority, but focuses primarily on social and digital media news. They feature content about NFTs and Metaverse updates. Also, you can write on HubSpot, a business blog that uses automation to turn online visitors into paying customers. This site will allow you to submit articles on marketing and sales.

Finding a high authority blog to submit a guest post

If you want to increase your backlink profile, then finding a high authority blog to submit a Guest Post is an important step. However, you will have to pay some attention to find high-quality guest post websites. Here are three essential factors to look for