It was on that occasion that he met Lin Junyi but at that time he was also called Odos an angel with the same prominent life experience The family behind him also had several twelve-winged angels to support him which was no less than the woman's family On that occasion he was seriously injured and happened to meet Odos in the wilderness Odos took the initiative to come to the rescue sent someone to heal him and let him live in his own house When he recovered he was naturally grateful to Odos for saving him and they became very good friends It was at this time that the woman once again escaped from the family and found him through various channels Two people meet again the scene naturally feel warm the woman for saving his Aldous is grateful originally he thought things to this point when he eloped with the woman there should be nothing But it was not as he had imagined

As soon as the woman left the family the guards from the back of the family caught up with her and rushed into their residence Fortunately there is the head of Odos the guards saw here is actually the residence of Odos immediately one by one scared not to come in Aldous also knew Pesticide Adjuvants that this would not last long so he proposed to use the method of luring the enemy to distract the pursuers The man who drew away the pursuers could not be Odos after all the angels were not chasing him but the other two so he volunteered to draw away the pursuers himself and then they met somewhere At that time the woman thought about it although she was worried but after Ordos repeatedly assured that nothing would happen and secretly sent a powerful angel to protect her she was relieved After the two men separated he went through all kinds of dangers and it took him more than a month to shake off the pursuers and get to the place where they had made an appointment to meet For more than a month he almost died in the hands of the enemy many times but he did not see the strong man who secretly protected him as Odos said but he did not care but was grateful to Odos after all if it were not for him he would not be able to see his beloved woman again

It took him more than a month to come to the meeting place with a lot of pain and finally he met his beloved again but it seemed that there was less tacit understanding and more strangeness between them He did not think much about it but felt that she might have been separated for more than a month and that she might have experienced some danger before she felt this way But when he saw his beloved woman enter the room with some food and take care of Aldous carefully he knew that something unexpected had happened during his absence Soon Odos's injury recovered and he finally found Odos intending to have a good talk with him He wanted to be close to the woman several times these days but he was repeatedly rejected Chemicals Suppliers and the other side looked at him which could not make him feel any warmth That cold feeling every night can wake him up from his sleep

The first thing he said to Aldous was "What happened between you and her" 。 He knew that he might not be able to accept Aldous's answer but what should come would always come and he could not keep deliberately avoiding it Finally Aldous answered him and the answer was to tear his heart and lungs Sure enough she had feelings with Aldous and a friend in need was a friend indeed In vain she tried so hard to distract the pursuers Thinking of the past he only felt that his heart was so painful as if there were countless sharp knives at the same time depicting something on them At that moment footsteps came from behind him and he looked back It's her! It was the woman who haunted him but at this time there was no figure of him in her eyes only the man who made him feel strange in front of her She said sorry to him She said she was homesick She said she couldn't accept such a life She also told him that she didn't love him anymore

At this time Aldous also came up to him and said that he would find him a good place he would arrange everything he could live a good life do nothing live like a young master Without listening or looking he silently lowered his head and walked Pesticide Adjuvants outside step by step until his figure disappeared around the corner and then there was a hoarse howl The woman wept She snuggled sadly on Aldous's shoulder and sobbed softly

Ask him in a low voice "can this really keep him safe" Aldous nodded with a smile and looked at the woman and said slowly "Yes as long as we do this he will live alone When the time comes I will go to your house and tell them that he is dead so he will be all right" When the woman heard this she finally closed her eyes and nodded painfully At this time she had already lost the indifference she had shown before There was only endless sadness It was only three months after this incident at a grand wedding that he learned from Aldous that his heart was broken when he looked at the woman's increasingly haggard appearance and empty eyes! It was at that time that he set himself a lifelong goal to kill Aldous! Destroy the Kaveh family! Chapter 332 depravity! It turned out that the reason why the woman was so cruel to tell him that she no longer loved him and let him go alone was actually a plot planned by Aldous At that time the woman experienced some dangers along the way Odos did sacrifice his life many times to save him but the woman's love for him was unswerving No matter how good Odos was she did not look at him more This made Aldous who had planned everything and was full of confidence feel a deep sense of frustration