Cars, especially sports cars, have been my passion since high school. My admiration has not been based on the willingness to become a famous driver or obsession with high speed. It was the design and the power of engine that excited me the most, since I perceived them as the embodiments of the human minds genius. However, one day, I discovered that automobiles were the greatest polluters due to the fuel they burned. As a result, I decided to make a change. For this reason, I pursued a degree in chemical engineering with an utmost desire to learn the fundamentals of this science and make environmentally friendly fuel, so that people could enjoy cars and not harm the environment. With this dream in mind, I finished my studying at the Petroleum Institute with excellent results. At the same time, I understood that to realize my dream to the fullest, I needed to devise a more complex approach and expand my knowledge rather than focus on fuel-making alone. Thus, I am eager to study the field more thoroughly in the scope of the masters program in engineering systems and management at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

I have devoted my life to an extremely important occupation in the today's world, since the Earths population is rather fuel-dependent. Moreover, the topicality of this profession in the UAE as one of the most prominent oil nations should not be underestimated. In addition, the fact that the petroleum industry has negative impacts on the environment is a great concern for me as a citizen and a person. Therefore, I hope to become a high-qualified specialist with advanced skills and visionary leadership thinking who will be able to revolutionize the industry both domestically and worldwide.

I have many aspirations with regard to the Masdar Institute program I chose to pursue. Apart from expanding the scope and extent of my knowledge and skills, I expect to gain practical insights into the industry, including cross-sectional and interdisciplinary connections. Based on my prior awareness and previous learning experiences, evidence-based practice in the field is crucially important for a future specialist. Whereas I wish to initiate the transformation of the whole sector, the understanding of the perspectives and practical aspects of each of its actors will be critical for the development of my partnership skills and strategic leadership in the sphere.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have a bachelors degree in chemical engineering, which is a rather narrow specialization compared to the knowledge basis proposed by the Masdar Institute. Nonetheless, I believe that starting my education by obtaining the knowledge that defines the underpinning of the industry was a good option. In particular, I was able to cognize the factors that affect the industry on the global scale. Thus, I am well-equipped with knowledge in terms of fuel-making, and I need to know more about the spheres related to petroleum and oil industries in order to be in a position to facilitate change in the long run. While I have not targeted a particular workplace for professional orientation, I may be lucky to meet a decent employer in the process of studying or just explore the roles of different actors in the field, which is a lucrative opportunity as well. In this respect, I see the Masdar Institute as a perfect place for continuing my learning. Since the program I have chosen is multidimensional, I will be able to achieve all the objectives I have set for myself there, and, hopefully, even more. Indeed, according to the institutes website, this establishment is the meeting place for the experts in engineering, management, economics, design, and policy-making. Therefore, I will have a possibility to cognize all these spheres.

In conclusion, I am a goal-oriented, dedicated, and passionate student who sees the future technologies as environment-friendly and sustainable, especially with regard to fuel issues. Hence, I sincerely hope that the Masdar Institute will assist me to obtain the knowledge I am eager to acquire, so that I could help the industry and people to make the world a better place to live.

Ada Johns holds MBA in Linguistics. She is an associate professor of the Salisbury University, writer at She specializes in academic writing and proofreading.