Consider for a moment that your Web site is a tourist attraction. Would you spend time and money building a monument/attraction, that no one could get to; or worse, did not know it was there?

Certainly, if you used the traditional "word of mouth" method of marketing, people would find their way to your attraction; and revenues would trickle in. You could put signs up at the end of the road, and on street corners, but eventually the traffic will slow; and the doors will close. You need to tell more people, and more often; consistently. The Internet, in particular Search Engine Optimization, allows business the opportunity to showcase their Web site, products and services; to as many motivated consumers, as search queries will provide.

Statistics have shown, that if your URL is not displayed on page one of search results, 62 percent of Internet users will not find your Web site. For many Corporate clients, the staggering investment of their initial Web site development; is still fresh in their mind. The notion of an سیو شرکتی  expenditure, frightens already uncertain; businesses and Corporate clients. Due to the intangible nature of SEO services, businesses are often reluctant to proceed; with a Search Engine Optimization campaign. With that being said, Corporate SEO results need to become more palpable and less obscure; in the eyes of discerning clients.

The introduction of an innovative Performance Based SEO model, encourages Corporate clients to set Search Engine goals; that are consistent with their Internet Marketing and Advertising budget. As search Engine positions are obtained, happy executives and business owners, pay the predetermined compensation rate; for the demonstrated Keyword search results. Utilizing this effective model for SEO services, clients "pay for performance, not promises." This approach provides much needed authentication for money spent, and culpability for unimpressive results; provided by questionable SEO firms.

With more and more consumers seeking answers on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly important to greet potential customers on the Web. With the advent of Performance Based SEO, Small Business and Corporate SEO clients can find solace in the fact that they will pay for what is demonstrated; not what is promised.