In March 2019, the electricity network of Venezuela collapsed along with the entire country was hit by a succession of blackouts, leaving millions without water or electricity. Hospitals were some of the places. "A hell of a lot of people died because of the power cuts," Martinez explains. The problems are still impacting people now, and some believe they will continue long into OSRS gold the future, before the situation with the government is solved.

"[People] can not get treatment such as dialysis and the hospitals' states are insanely bad to the point that it is a hazard issue," Martinez adds. The power cuts have become a major problem for Venezuelan RuneScape players that rely on RuneScape as their main source of income. For Martinez, the power cuts were the reason he moved away from traditional gold farming approaches to train accounts for U.S. dollars, because of sudden disconnection during battle could result in the death of his character and also the loss of earnings. "When the first wave of blackouts started me and the men that worked with me dropped almost all of our enterprise," Martinez says.

They can still affect you for several days depending on which part of Venezuela you live in." Perez has also been affected by the power cuts. "Power outages are still a daily thing and it pisses me off each time," Perez writes. He gets disconnected from our online chats. "We all know the energy system and all the other nation controlled systems are a wreck," Perez continues. "An example of lack of maintenance is the state owned ISP. We've been chatting for a few minutes and my internet has stopped working three occasions. Hydro/water system also: if you don't have water pumps you do not have water.

When these power outages first occurred last March, they caused an economic crisis in RuneScape that radically impacted the costs of heavily farmed items like dragon bones, Zulrah's scales, and black chinchompas. As came to play, RuneScape players immediately discovered what happens to buy RS3 gold their game's market when you suddenly remove a large percentage of RuneScape players out of RuneScape. James Austen is the proprietor of GE Tracker, a site which examines RuneScape's virtual economy.