Grizzlies improve defense without Morant The Grizzlies improved on the defensive end especially against Curry 2K23 MT. The defense was more tight than before, but Poole and Klay were surprisingly relaxed. 

When Curry is attacking the ball Curry will be able to get the ball, but the Grizzlies will do everything they can to stop Curry's shot from three, force Curry into the paint, suppress his shot, and even force Curry to give the ball away. While this may allow remaining Warriors players to hit three-pointers, it is a regret that they did not recognize it.

I would like to point out this: Morant is the biggest flaw of the Grizzlies' defense. He's thin, but Morant also made a lot of mistakes when it came to defense-wise, which created several good scoring opportunities for the Warriors in the opening two games.

The importance for the Grizzlies is more at the offensive end, and he is the Grizzlies the most consistent scoring point.Warriors are a difficult offensePoole and Curry's break-through by using the ball last game , and Wiggins and Kuminga's swoop performed well. 

The most obvious reason is that the Grizzlies have only one Jaren inside, and the Warriors require only using a pick-and-roll method.

Take Jaren off the rim to allow the Warriors internal offense run more smoothly. But in Game 4. Morant was sidelined and Adams came in as a substitute, helping to Buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins strengthen the Grizzlies defense. If the Warriors move Jaren far away from basket in line with their previous strategies They will discover that there is still an Adams just in front you in the area that is restricted.