Harvester is one of the efficient agriculture machines in India used for threshing, harvesting and winnowing. It is a powerful machine that is designed with advanced technologies. A harvester is an engine-powered machine that can efficiently perform different farming applications. This large machine can help farmers to achieve high productivity with minimum struggle. It is a durable farming machine that has innovative features. The operating system and engine of the harvester are smooth and powerful, respectively. Combine harvester machines perform all the applications efficiently, which helps to increase farm productivity. It is a single machine that can execute multiple functions.


Popular Models of Harvester 


Below you get an advanced harvester model with specifications:


Preet 987


Preet 987 is a self propelled implement model, and it has 101 HP power. In addition, it has many advanced features, such as a combination of dry & wet type air filters. And in this implement, you got a single, heavy duty dry clutch. Also, the combine harvester price is economical for farmers.    


Mahindra MSI 457 3A 


Mahindra MSI 457 3A is another best model of a harvester. This is a tractor mounted implement and a multi-crop model. It is a fully automated harvesting solution and gives the farmer economic benefits through low fuel consumption. Also, the Tractor Harvester price is nominal for marginal farmers. 


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