After a very 2K21 MT long wait, the game was finally dropped and the fans are enjoying it. But a lot of hardcore NBA 2K fans have always wondered, how can the developers decide the ratings for rookies particularly? As the rookies have no prior knowledge in the NBA, it has been one of the top unanswered questions in the eSports circuit. At a recent interview with HoopsHype, Mike Stauffer (Producer for Product Development) answered this question. "Every rating is really a projection, and when there is less sample dimensions, it will be more difficult to nail those projections. Even general manager and trainers have trouble figuring out who the best player to take is when it comes to the draft."

However, this year is different from previous years for the NBA. The Coronavirus pandemic has limited the developers' ability to get a correct evaluation for this year. Stauffer accepted that this has been a challenging task for the development team. "Throughout a year similar to this one, where the sample size is smaller, there will be a lot more variability and it will be tougher for the numbers to show the entire picture. "We are trying to make the evaluations as precise as possible without having the complete image like we usually do." Despite their comprehensive efforts, the evaluations can logically be erroneous. This helps to keep the evaluations as realistic as possible for players.

This year's draft class didn't have a clear-cut consensus #1 pick. Even days prior to the NBA Draft, the odds were varying. However, in the end, Anthony Edwards was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves using their #1 overall selection. However, these evaluations can vary according to Stauffer. "The information on these players is so limited. It would have been very wonderful to have been able to view them in March and also have all of the information. "But I can't wait to have next season started, get these new rookies in the game and see how great they are." What are your thoughts about the practice of determining rookie ratings in NBA 2K21? Let us know your Buy NBA 2K Coins views in the comments section.