Silverline Prestige School, formerly Silver Line School, was established in 1987 with a vision to provide “Education Beyond Tomorrow.” Today, we strive to promote lifelong learning through our curriculum and practice. We believe that students learn best when they experience something that connects them with nature and its events: weather, animals and plants. Students also benefit from hands-on projects such as gardening, cooking and baking for personal growth.  Silverline Prestige School continuously strives to offer innovative and enriching learning experiences. The curriculum is designed to provide a holistic approach to learning. Silverline’s pedagogical approach has been inspired by the idea that learning should be fun, exciting, and relevant; this begins with the teaching of children at Silverline.  The mission of Silverline Prestige School is “To impart innovative, quality education by utilizing the best practices of modern educational theory, curriculum and pedagogy.” At Silverline, our first priority is the academic development of your children. From the beginning, we believe that success depends upon your children being knowledgeable & intelligent citizens. Today being a progressive society we have to ensure that future generations of tomorrow will be prepared for their responsibilities in shaping & changing the world around us. Our commitment as a school is to inspire a thirst for learning among learners by providing an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and discovery.  Silverline Prestige School is a Top pre primary school in Ghaziabad with a rich history spanning over three decades. Silverline has built its reputation as one of the best primary schools by providing a holistic education where children are made to develop their potential and challenge themselves to excel. Our dedicated faculty, quality-focused environment and innovative teaching methodologies guarantee our students with an enriched learning experience constantly.

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