Wordpad is a free text editor and recently many users discovered that the tool does not have the ability to count words and find a solution to be able to count words on WordPad. Please read refer to the article below to choose for yourself the best solution.

Microsoft's WordPad comes pre-installed on every Windows computer and serves as a regular text editor that requires more punctuation or formatting than Notepad. One of the features WordPad lacks during use, however, is the ability to count words. Because this feature can be very useful for text editors, you will need to find an alternative to be able to count your word counter.

Currently, there are a number of word processing programs capable of counting words, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice ... With any program, you can Copy text from WordPad document files. and Paste it into a blank document in your program so you can count the words. Although OpenOffice is free and Microsoft Word requires a license purchase after the initial trial period, this is probably a good solution for you if you want to count words on WordPad.

In addition, there are still some other ways to count words on WordPad is to use websites that support word count online for free. Readers also just need to Copy text from the WordPad document file and Paste it onto text fields and get word count results instantly.