If you look at the contemporary apartments of Indian cities, you will notice that not many of them are big. As the residents of those apartments, you also have to deal with small bathrooms. These bathrooms often give you an uncomfortable feeling because of the space crunch. However, there is always the option to utilize the available space to the maximum capacity through some clever design implementation in the vanity wash basin, bathroom fixture, carpeting, etc. Check out these tips that will make your Indian bathroom stylish and spacious.

Trendy Ways to Design Your Small Indian Bathroom

1. Use Vertical Space for Storage

If you want to stay trendy with the storage space in small bathrooms, you need to consider options that will not cramp the space. You can always use the vertical space to fit in all the essentials in the scarce space. For small bathrooms, ladder storage units are a la mode. You can put toiletries, fresh bath linen, medicine, and even cosmetics in these units.

Besides making the bathroom space-efficient, these will help you improve the aesthetics. For the storage units picking sleek high-gloss finishes would be a great idea. You can also add the storage unit behind the mirror.


2. Make Use of Natural Light

When it comes to the Indian bathroom, lighting plays a crucial role in shaping its look and feel. Most of the small Indian bathrooms do not have any source of natural light. Even if it has one, the light is not enough. To avoid such situations, include large windows in your remodelling plan.

Do not forget to ensure privacy by installing frosted glass or blinds. Sometimes, it is not possible, and you have to be satisfied with a small window. In such cases, try fitting a large mirror in the opposite direction of the window to utilize the light better.


3. Use Floating Vanity / Wall mounted Vanity

A floating vanity / Wall mounted is the perfect bathroom element that makes a small bathroom space look more open. It often becomes the focal point of the bathroom and sets the tone for that space. With the right vanity, you can turn your small Indian bathroom from mediocre to marvelous.

Since floating vanity or wall-mounted vanity is not attached to the bathroom floor, you can easily clean the small bathroom floor. Avoid installing a vanity with sharp edges so that you can move seamlessly inside the bathroom without the fear of getting hurt.


4. Update the Fixtures

Many of us do not know those bathroom fixtures are the simple yet effective way to add a chic look into your small bathroom space. All you have to do is to find the right size and type. To add stunning effects to the bathroom, you may choose rose gold, copper, and matte black fixtures — all are in vogue in contemporary time.


a) Faucets

Forget having a bulky three-piece faucet set to customize your bathroom. For a small bathroom, a single lever faucet is the best you can get. These will offer you more counter space, and you can also customize your bathroom with stylish single lever faucets. You should use similar products for showers as it will allow you to get maximum usable space while keeping the interior minimal.


b) Towel Bars

The standard towel bar width is 23 inches, but the size can go up from there. But, for a small bathroom, you can install towel bars of 7 to 17 inches. You can place both hand towels and bath towels on the same bar.


5. Use Bigger Tiles or Mosaics

Interior designers often suggest using big tiles in small bathrooms. Besides making the bathroom space look bigger than it is, these tiles will add an elegant vibe to a small bathroom. Rectangular and square-shaped tiles can bring about a radical transformation in your small bathroom.

However, you can use tiles of various patterns and stripes to impart a bold and attractive statement. If you do not find large tiles suitable according to the bathroom decor, you may opt for small mosaics.



Even if you have a small-sized bathroom, don’t be sad. Try the mentioned tricks to bring uniqueness and beauty even to your small Indian bathroom. You can also consult with an interior designer to get better insights.