Writing is a vast field, and students look up to various resources. An essay writing guide can be referred to get an idea. Different types of writing need a different set of expertise. A story must have a bunch of sequences of events and characters in separate steps.

A skilful story must have a straight plot and should surprise the reader with the twist and interest. A story must be divided into a beginning, middle and end.

The plot structure must have a character to meet a challenge or a crisis. A climax should be the most exciting part of the story, and falling action leads to the finish.

An exposition is required for character and setting. In a resolution, the end after the conflict is resolved and the character changes.

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Decoding the character

A story must have complex and relatable characters created by understanding the character types and traits. The different characters contribute to the plot in different ways. Characterisation of character traits is a must in understanding the character’s personality and how it will react as per the plot. You can also get response essay help by top essay writers.

Story setting

The occurrence of a story depends on how the plot unfolds and how readers can connect with it. There can be different settings like the backdrop or integral background. A story can have an external conflict between characters, and character control should also be. You can also get honda case study by top case study experts.

Internal strife can happen after the character struggles. It can cause insecurity or resolve disputes so that the characters evolve.

After identifying the story's plot, setting and conflict, find the theme, which is the story's big idea or underlying message.

Developing the tone of story

Setting the story's tone is the final element that the author established. One must remember the tone and mood are not the same and must not be used interchangeably. The story's mood tells about the emotion an author wants to feel.

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Finally, start editing and compiling the report well once the story is done. Please read the above blog to get a comprehensive understanding of it.

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