For 9.1World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, it has finally entered the public testing arena of the WOW Classic Gold game. All the content that must be provided was discovered by the data miners. The upcoming story rhythm and raid bosses are all hinted at in most discoveries, and here are some revelations of new cosmetic choices.

Six different types of cosmetic glasses including three pairs of full-lens glasses and three pairs of half-lens glasses have now been discovered. There are two kinds of sunglasses, full-frame and half-frame. They can be adjacent to some of the more gorgeous armors in World of Warcraft, which will make people shine.

These glasses are cosmetics for players. Players can grease their equipment. Most items such as hats and helmets can be worn on the head. Players cannot wear hats and glasses at the same time.

Questions about whether to Buy WOW Classic Gold treat the glasses as gears or to implement them as options during character creation are all raised in this restriction. For World of Warcraft players, they can change the appearance of the character in the barber shop. The old role can continue to use this option. Underwear has been used by World of Warcraft characters as part of the basic model. They don’t look so strange with glasses.

For the cosmetics in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands has brought it many changes including many new appearances during the character creation process. In the game, in addition to adding glasses, the "control chain" allows the player to deform the left and right shoulder armors. At some point this summer, the "Chain of Control" is expected to be released. Players who want to get their favorite WOW Classic Gold can log in to the MMOWTS website. Players who want to get more preferential Classic WOW Gold can become VIPs on the website, so they can get a membership discount of up to 5%.