A time ago, something weird began to happen within a video game called Old School RuneScape. In the beginning, there were numerous gamers who were new to the game and they were operating in the same way. They stayed for hours at a time, doing the same thing over and over again. Killing green dragons, and gathering gold. Then killing more green dragons, as well as collecting OSRS gold.

It was pretty obvious that these new players were what gamers call "gold farmer." They were making gold winning the game, but then they converted the gold they won in the game into money by selling it to other players through underground websites. It's been going on for a long time, and the majority of games do not allow it, yet it's still happening.

The issue was why were there suddenly so many new players joining Old School RuneScape? The answer lay in one single collapsing economy. Venezuela. Hyperinflation in the country was destroying the currency of the nation. For thousands of Venezuelans the gold from video games became a currency of security.

Odds are, if you were a child in the early 2000s and had access an internet connection, you would likely have been playing RuneScape. The early MMORPG was the first game to offer an online role-playing experience that anyone could access on their browser.

Gone are the days when players needed to run Java in order to launch their RuneScape character. The last few years have seen the long-running game move mobile and offering a new game for those who are just starting out and even the classic Java version for those who long to get back to OSRS GP.