So, now, we’ve seen several states in America passing the ballot initiatives allowing the medical use of cannabis. It’s crucial to note that most states recommend a patient to have a physician recommendation before getting the medical marijuana card to help them access the drugs. It’s a process involving several steps, and each state has different regulations.


Know your state laws and requirements of medical marijuana; Find out if your states have legalized or approved marijuana. Everyone else might be so excited about getting medical cannabis. But before you get too happy, does your county have this program? Also, do you have the qualifying conditions for acquiring the access card?


Consult a doctor; your physician will discuss your medical conditions and find out if you qualify for a marijuana medical card. If not, he will provide another alternative. In some states, any physician can recommend the drug to a patient, while others demand the doctor to be registered. For instance, in New York, medical marijuana physicians must be knowledgeable and qualified to treat serious conditions. They should also continue learning the medical marijuana course for 2-4 hours before providing their patients with “certifications”.


Get a recommendation letter: Your doctor will then give you a written note saying you have one of the qualifying medical conditions as stipulated by your state law.


Make an application; Then, you’ll fill out an application and use the letter given by your physician and other medical records. In most states, you have to be a resident there to get a medical marijuana card.  You’ll also need identification documents such as your driving license, ID, or passport. Some states will ask for an application fee that might start from $ 50.


Make an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor: Now that you have all the required docs, you’ll have a short session with a doctor to discuss your medical prescription. 


Get approved: If the doctor is satisfied with your conditions and finds the reason to give you the card, he will send you a downloadable temporary ID card. But you might wait a little longer for a hard copy. 


In Conclusion, you see how easy it is to get your medical marijuana card? You’ll only need to follow the steps above, and you can start accessing medical cannabis that can alleviate chronic pain or other terminal conditions.