Mahindra has been a leading name in the farming sector, providing brilliant quality tractor models for a long time. This brand originated in India and became popular worldwide within a few years. It offers a huge variety of more than 66 tractors with tremendous features, and these models come in the HP range from 15 to 75 HP. 


Let us look at one of India's best-selling John Deere tractor models.


Mahindra 475 DI

It is a 2WD tractor which produces 1900 RPM at 42 HP with the help of a powerful 4-cylinder engine. Moreover, there is a 38 PTO HP and 1500 kg lifting capacity. It also has a dual-clutch with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. Apart from this, it is equipped with optional mechanical and power steering with oil-immersed and dry disc brake options for better vehicle control. The price of Mahindra 475 is Rs. 6.30 to 6.60 Lakh in India.


Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

The Mahindra JIVO has a 2-cylinder engine with a 1366 cc capacity to generate 2300 RPM at 24 HP. Furthermore, this Mahindra JIVO mini tractor is fitted with a sliding mesh transmission and has 8 forward + 4 reverse gears. In addition, there is an oil-immersed braking system with a power steering column for better driving. Apart from this, the tractor has a 22 PTO HP with a 750 kg lifting capacity which is perfect for small-scale farming. This mini tractor is available at Tractor Junction from Rs. 5.15 to 5.30 Lakh.


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