Fake caller ID apps are great for hiding your identity from callers and preserving your privacy. These apps can help you pretend to be someone else and even record calls. With a good fake caller id app, you can make free calls to anyone in the world and maintain your privacy. They also make great fun, so you can play with your friends and keep their number a secret. You can learn more about fake caller ID apps below.

Fake Caller Free - The free version of this app does not simulate a real call, but does have a practical widget. The icon on your phone lets you know when someone is calling you. However, it's important to note that you can't instantly fake a call. You will have to fiddle with the phone for a few seconds to activate the fake caller. In some cases, this can be suspicious.

Fake Call - This app is an excellent choice for those who want to escape awkward situations and show a fake number to avoid catching a bad date. Another great feature is its ability to make your friends jealous, or increase your importance in their eyes. While many fake caller id apps promise to hide your real identity, not all of them deliver on their promises. This is an app you should try for yourself!

Fake Call Plus - This app is another free fake caller id app that allows you to customize your fake caller ID with a customized ringtone. You can choose one of three default voices. It's compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. To unlock this feature, you have to upgrade to the VIP version. Juasapp Live - This app is primarily for prank calls, but you can also set your own custom number at the receiver of the fake call.

BluffMyCall - This app also spoofs phone calls on Android. It has several features including changing Caller ID and recording calls. You can also get a trial version to try out the app before buying. SpoofTel - This application is a free service for desktop computers, but they are planning to add it to Android devices in the near future. So, what's the best fake caller id app? Let's take a look!

Phone Number Generator - This app generates new phone numbers without the need for a new SIM card. You can even add a second or even fourth line to your smartphone with this app. You can also make unlimited calls and messages using this app. It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. You can even block unwanted callers with this app. And what's more, this app will not let your friends and family know you're using fake phone numbers!