Are you working on an upcoming construction project in mind? Are you looking for an efficient and simple method to complete it? Allow Stop Digging help you and you'll never regret using the company to build deck NZ. It is a Swedish company that can provide you with the best solutions for every kind of construction task you may have in your thoughts. They invented and created the ground screw, and today provide not only top-quality products but also exceptional installations that exceed specifications. All screws sold through Stop Digging are designed and made in Sweden. So, they are able to withstand the tough Nordic weather without any issues.

Stop Digging provides screws ranging from 580mm to 2500mm in length, which is significantly deeper than traditional concrete foundations. When you work with the team, our experienced fitting experts will pick the best screw to construct deck NZ which will create sturdy and long-lasting foundations for your construction. The ground screw provided by Stop Digging is the best ever option to support:

  • wooden decks
  • sheds
  • greenhouses
  • conservatories
  • carports
  • flagpoles
  • Signs
  • fences

Stop Digging offers a selection of screws that will meet the requirements of your building. They are available in a variety of sizes and models to cater to any building task you are planning. No matter if the ground is hard or soft they are operational once they are installed. There will be no reason to spend time waiting for concrete to dry to be set.

Select ground screws to building a deck NZ and ensure you will enjoy the unparalleled quality. The contemporary and economical ground anchors can handle big and small projects with any difficulty. The greatest benefit is the fact that Stop Digging can mount ground screws throughout the year. It doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold the screws are able to cope with any weather as they can be used in any climate.

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • The South Pacific

Affordable Prices

Alongside unbeatable high-end quality and service, Stop Digging also strives to provide affordable prices. They provide a fixed cost for each ground screw that is installed. However, prices differ depending on the location you are in and the kind of screw you'll need to install. A price calculator is on the site that can calculate the cost of ground screws needed for your particular project. Try it out and check the cost.

Hire the Professional Engineers from Stop Digging

The engineers from Stop Digging are experts in this area, and they are equipped to install the system in difficult-to-access or off-grid locations. You can rest confident that the work will be completed quickly and without delays. Stop Digging's team will install your project without mess or damage to the environment.

Building Deck in New Zealand

To build decks NZ you can make use of these screws for ground and they can exceed your expectations. Ground screw installation typically takes only a couple of hours, causing no anxiety and stress. It sounds great, doesn't it? You can count on Stop Digging anytime you're looking to build decks. The experts will save you valuable time and effort in building your project without any issues.

No matter what kind of project you've in mind, don't hesitate to let Stop Digging assist you. They will build solid foundations. Contact the team today to place an order for foundations for your construction project.