Fantasy sports never misses a chance to allure users. At times when people were on the lookout for entertainment, the fantasy sports apps came in as a saviour. Let us look at the statistics on fantasy sports apps that will inspire you to develop a fantasy sports app.

The market share of fantasy sports is forecasted to reach 9.34 billion USD by the year 2024.
Among the users of fantasy sports apps, 50% are aged between 18 to 34 years.

With these statistics as a base, we shall kickstart this blog on fantasy sports app development. Firstly, the features of the fantasy sports app play an important role in engaging the users. Therefore, let us see them one by one.

Award-Winning Features Of The Fantasy Sports App

Team creation - In the fantasy sports app, users are allowed to create teams. Also, users are free to add players to their team.

View player status - Users can view the status of players, and based on that, they can add them to their team.

Leaderboards - As a source of encouragement, the app has a feature for displaying the top players. Leaders are selected based on different metrics and are displayed on the leaderboard.

Live scores - While the app is integrated with features like leaderboards, player status, etc., how to leave the live scores? Yes, the app comes with the live score feature that lets users keep a close eye on the scores.

These are some of the common features of the app. Other than these features, there are certain add-ons that will enhance the app. Let us take a look at the add-on features.

Sports quiz
Player prediction
Winner prediction
Match highlights

Wrapping up, the excitement for cricket will never subside. Therefore, it is best to go for the development of the fantasy sports app. Launch your fantasy sports app that is integrated with all the above-said features and attain a state of win-win!