If you're interested in pursuing a higher degree in management, look into one of the various Managerial Courses by paramount training. You'll be taught about the fundamentals of business management, including strategic thinking and project management. The course also teaches you how to lead a team, as well as a variety of other skills. It includes hands-on exercises and quizzes. You'll learn how to manage your employees and the business environment, while applying these skills in real-world scenarios.

Online Course & Exam

The Manager Online Course and Exam by paramount training is a self-paced, eight-hour online course. It is ideal to complete this course in one session every other day at a specific time during the week. You should schedule this training at a quiet location with no distractions. If you plan to take the course in an active space, use headphones to protect your hearing.

The Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is available for online proctoring, meaning you can take the test from home in the privacy of your home or work computer. The exam is comprised of ninety multiple-choice questions. Passing the exam is valid for five years. You should complete the course at least two days before the exam date. The Food Protection Manager Certification is recognized in more jurisdictions than any other certification in food safety.

Applied Project Management Course

If you're interested in project management but don't know where to start, the Applied Project Management Course by paramount training is a great option. The program includes 35+ contact hours of training and is designed for professionals in any industry who would like to become more proficient. This course provides a solid foundation in project management and explores how the process is connected to other disciplines. This course also prepares you to take the PMI certification exam.

The Applied Project Management Course by paramount training follows the PMI standards and is aligned with the most recent version of the PMBOK Guide. The program has earned the gold seal certification from the Canadian Construction Association for 25 credit hours. Additionally, the program has been approved for credit towards an undergraduate degree. Whether or not the course is recognized as an elective or a requirement will depend on the granting institution.

The Applied Project Management Course by paramount training teaches the basic body of knowledge in project management. The program covers the CAPM and PMP exams. The program includes six courses, including an integration project that ties together all of the knowledge learned during the first five. Applicants should keep in mind that they must purchase textbooks for the program. The curriculum can take up to 14 weeks. Alternatively, the program can be spread over several terms or even two years. The courses are designed to be taken in order, so students can experience the entire project life cycle. Upon completion of the program, students must complete an integration project to demonstrate mastery of all skills learned.

Art of Leadership Program

Taking on a leadership role is not an easy feat for most people. Assuming this role can be uncomfortable, but effective leadership is a skill that can be learned. The Art of Leadership Program by Paramount Training focuses on helping individuals improve their skills and overcome the challenges they will face as they grow. The program teaches that leadership is not a single management technique, but a collection of interdependent skills.

The course is designed for managers with a few years of experience. It focuses on strategic leadership skills and is ideal for managers with at least three years of experience. It provides participants with the tools and language necessary to build a successful team and to develop their personal and professional toolkit. After completing the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of what leadership is and how to build a strong foundation. In addition to the Art of Leadership program, the Institute of Strategic Leadership and Management has a range of programs to suit different needs and objectives.