There will be four portals, each portal constructed to OSRS gold teleport different level thieves (gamers ) such as: if you are at level 50 thieving, you would enter the next portal that is built for moderate level thieves. And if you were at level 90 thieving, you would enter the fourth portal.


These portals might seem like regular house portals, but they'd be a little larger, and they're pitch black. So you might wonder"where do all these things come out?"


Well, on the other side of the principal building, there'll be a giant chest that functions as a means for any player in the sport to deposit any item or multiple items they want to contribute to the match. Now you may be wondering"Well how does this work?" This is how it works.


As an example: Let us say a wealthy player deposited a dragon string body within this chest. After he deposits it, it'll be tele ported to a random players stock. BUT because a dragon Chain boy is an item of fantastic value, it will be tele ported to buy RS gold a random layers stock, but this player must be in the next to maximum level thieving area so it's more difficult to steal this item from him.